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Junos Telemetry Interface


For Routing Engine telemetry sensors supported by this platform, see Telemetry Sensor Explorer. If any Platform Forwarding Engine sensors have been added for this release, they are listed below.

  • JTI: Infrastructure: UDP streaming of PFE/line card sensors over management port (PTX10003, PTX 10004, PTX10001-36MR (PTX10K-LC-1202036MR), PTX10008)—Starting in Junos OS Evolved Release 21.2R1, Junos telemetry interface (JTI) provides an infrastructure for exporting AFT-based Packet Forwarding Engine sensors using UDP tranport over a management interface.

    The following sensors are supported:

    • /junos/system/linecard/interface (logical interface)
    • /junos/system/linecard/interface/logical/usage/ (physical interface)
    • /junos/services/label-switched-path/usage/(LSP)
    • /junos/system/linecard/npu/memory/ (NPU memory)
    • /junos/system/linecard/npu/utilization/NPU utilization
    • /junos/system/linecard/firewall/ (firewall)

    [See sensor (Junos Telemetry Interface).]

  • gRPC mutual authentication (PTX10001-36MR, PTX10003, PTX10008, and QFX5220)—Starting in Junos OS Evolved Release 21.2R1, Junos telemetry interface (JTI), you can configure Junos telemetry interface (JTI) and Remote Procedure Calls (gRPC) to require client authentication as well as server authentication. Previously, only the client initiating an RPC request was able to authenticate the server; that is, a Juniper Networks device, using SSL certificates.

    [See Configuring Bidirectional Authentication for gRPC for Junos Telemetry Interface.]