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Resolved Issues: 21.1R3

General Routing

  • On PTX10002-60C routers, high FPC CPU utilization might occur. PR1585728

  • The na-grpc process might crash and the existing telemetry connections might get disconnected. PR1587956

  • The l2cpd-agent might become unresponsive after starting the telemetry service. PR1592473

  • On PTX1000 router, the sFlow data (inner VLAN and outer VLAN value, forwarding-class, and DSCP value) does not get exported while checking from the server flow-records at the collector for the ingress sampling. PR1598263

  • CRC errors increase continuously after the interface flaps. PR1600768

  • Traffic might get silently discarded due to the RS Fatal error on the FPC-PTX-P1-A, FPC2-PTX-P1A, FPC-SFF-PTX-P1-A, and FPC-SFF-PTX-T. PR1600935

  • The l2circuit packets with destination MAC 01:00:0c:cc:cc:cd might get punted. PR1601360

  • The IPv6 traffic might be impacted when an IPv6 route resolves over a dynamic tunnel. PR1602007

  • On PTX10002-60C router, after upgrading the device, the configured firewall filters might be applied on the incorrect interfaces. PR1602292

  • Packet loss might occur on the filter-based GRE deployments. PR1603453

  • On PTX5000 routers, link might flap momentarily. PR1606008

  • Memory might leak on the l2cpd process when you commit certain LLDP operations. PR1608699

  • There is a one-shot timer created for LLDP(Link Layer Discovery Protocol), which might not get freed before creating the new one-shot timer because of which 160 bytes of leakage occurs every minute. This gradual memory leak in the l2cpd process might lead to the l2cpd process crash. This might impact traffic only if protocols other than LLDP (example xSTP) runs along with LLDP. PR1617151


  • The LDP replication session might not get synchronized when you enable dual-transport. PR1598174

  • The VPLS connection might get down if you configure the dual-transport. PR1601854

Network Management and Monitoring

  • On PTX10008 routers, syslog does not log information on the IPv4 post upgrade. PR1611504

Routing Protocols

  • The rpd process might crash when you configure the BGP RPKI session record-lifetime less than hold-time. PR1585321