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Open Issues

Learn about open issues Junos OS Release 21.1R3 for PTX Series.

For the most complete and latest information about known Junos OS defects, use the Juniper Networks online Junos Problem Report Search application.

General Routing

  • On PTX Series routers with FPC-PTX-P1-A or FPC2-PTX-P1A, you might encounter a single event upset (SEU) event that might cause a linked-list corruption of the TQCHIP. The following syslog message gets reported:

    The Junos OS Chassis Management error handling detects such a condition, raises an alarm, and disables the affected Packet Forwarding Engine entity. To recover this Packet Forwarding Engine entity, restart the FPC. Contact your Juniper support representative if the issue persists even after the FPC restarts.


  • The following log message might get generated on FPC with WINTEC mSATA SSD:

  • The firewall counter for lo0 interface might not increase. PR1420560

  • On PTX1000 routers, interface flaps during ZTP. PR1534614

  • On PTX1000 routers, the Extended Router Data VRFoIPoIP headend sFlow record displays incorrect next hop in an ECMP case. PR1537190

  • On PTX1000 routers, the IPoIP transit sFlow egress record displays incorrect Extended Switch Data when using VLAN interface. PR1537648

  • On PTX1000 routers, after upgrading or downgrading the VM host platform, during booting up with the new image, the Wind River Linux (WRL) kernel might go into the Deadlock state due to a race condition in the Advanced Configuration and Power Interface (ACPI) Component Architecture (ACPICA) module in Linux kernel. This might cause the system to become nonresponsive in continuous crashing state. PR1544875

  • On PTX10002-60C routers, when you configure an inline jFlow and set high sampling rate (more than 4000 per second), high CPU utilization might occur and this might result in relevant impacts on the traffic analysis and billing. PR1569229

  • On PTX10002-60c routers, when you configure a firewall with both discard and port-mirror as actions in the same term, mirrored packet gets corrupted (have two Layer 2 headers). PR1576914

  • On PTX5000 routers, IS-IS adjacency does not come up through the circuit cross-connect Layer 2 circuit. PR1590387

  • In configurations where a large number of tag next-hops have ND6 (Neighbour Discovery) next-hop as underlying next-hop, upon refresh of ND6 entry because of any reason a large number of updates are sent to the Packet Forwarding Engine. This update processing causes a spike in the CPU usage, which can hamper some scheduled tasks if they coincide. PR1600318

  • On the PTX Series routers with NG-RE installed, upgrading the Intel i40e-NVM firmware to version 6.01 might generate the FRUs disconnection alarms along with traffic loss. PR1529710

  • When you configure a Provider Edge (PE) router with multipath, traffic loss might occur even if the link is in the Up state. PR1618507


  • If the request system zeroize command does not trigger zero-touch provisioning, you must re-initiate the ZTP as a workaround. PR1529246

Routing Protocols

  • There is traffic loss when device boot up during IGP overload. PR1495435

User Interface and Configuration

  • The routing policy in the normal-mode does not revert once the network-services mode gets changed to the network-services enhanced mode. PR1587174