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Resolved Issues: 21.1R1

General Routing

  • The control link might be broken when there is excessive traffic load on the control link in a vSRX cluster deployment. PR1524243

  • The master-password configuration is rejected if master-encryption-password (MEK) is not set. PR1537251

  • The srxpfe process might crash when the Application Identification Packet-Capture functionality is enabled. PR1538991

  • Upgrading to Junos OS Release 20.4R1 or later releases with a large, preexisting security-log database might result in LLMD consuming large amounts of CPU. PR1548423

  • Configuration integrity mismatch error in vSRX3.0 running on Azure with key-vault integrated. PR1551419

  • The command set protocols l2-learning global-mode is removed on vSRX3.0. Use the show ethernet-switching global-information command. PR1554388

  • High CPU usage on pkid process might be seen when the device is unable to connect to a particular CRL URL. PR1560374

Intrusion Detection and Prevention (IDP)

  • The flowd or srxpfe process might generate core files during the idpd process commit on SRX Series devices. PR1521682

  • On vSRX3.0 the attack-group-entries filters direction 0 limit 1 command is not showing expected values. PR1564761


  • The J-Web GUI does not allow you to save the rules with more than 2500 cumulative shared objects. PR1540047

  • After commit pending changes message is shown, the contents of other messages, landing page, or pop-upsare not visible completely. PR1554024