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Resolved Issues: 21.1R1

Forwarding and Sampling

  • The l2ald process might crash due to a next-hop issue in the EVPN-MPLS. PR1548124

General Routing

  • On PTX10016 routers, flow control is disabled by default on both aggregated Ethernet interfaces. PR1478715

  • In IP-in-IP, end-to-end (CE device to CE device) traceroute is not working as expected. PR1488379

  • The following error message might be seen after links flap: t6e_dfe_tuning_state:et-6/0/0 - Failed to dfe tuning count 10. PR1512919

  • The FPC-E might get stuck. PR1519673

  • The chassisd memory leak might cause traffic loss. PR1537194

  • Aggregated Ethernet interface framing errors might display increasing values before restoring correct value. PR1539537

  • The error message expr_dfw_action_topo_connect_anh:1434 expr_dfw_action_topo_connect_anh:eda_anh_discard is FALSE for nh-id 568 - return is observed in PTX1000 routers. PR1540064

  • The Packet Forwarding Engine might crash in an MPLS IPv6-tunneling scenario when the next hop changes. PR1540793

  • The rpd crash might be seen when BGP service route is resolved over color-only SR-TE policy. PR1550736

  • The interface filter with source-port 0 matches everything instead of port 0. PR1551305

  • The show system health-monitor command is disabled on PTX10008 routers. PR1560268

  • On PTX10008 router, BGP next-hop index (indirect and unilist) change after GRES and NSR trigger causes a momentary (unexpected) traffic loss. PR1560323

  • The set chassis display command is disabled on PTX1008 routers. PR1560453

  • An enhancement to enable watchdog petting log on the PTX10000 line cards. PR1561980

  • On PTX1000, DCPFE crashes in steady state and generates the following error: PFE_ERROR_NO_RESOURCE: NH: Failed to alloc for element list. PR1564147


  • Interface drop counters might display 0 during a race condition when VOQ statistics are also polled simultaneously. PR1537960

  • The kernel crashes and generates a core file if churn happens for a flood composite next hop. PR1548545

Interfaces and Chassis

  • EOAM IEEE802.3ah link discovery state is Down instead of Active Send Local after deactivating interfaces on routers. PR1532979

  • Logs are not being written in /var/log/messages on certain PTX Series platforms. PR1551374

Layer 2 Ethernet Services

  • The copying of files to the RCB over WAN ports is slow. PR1496895


  • Traffic loss might be observed due to rpd crash in an MPLS scenario. PR1528460

Network Management and Monitoring

  • A memory leak in the mib2d and snmpd processes might result in SNMP being unresponsive to SNMP queries. PR1543508

  • The syslog messages might not be sent with the correct port. PR1545829

Platform and Infrastructure

  • The BGP session replication might fail to start after the session crashes on the backup Routing Engine. PR1552603

Routing Policy and Firewall Filters

  • Generate route goes to hidden state when the protect core statement is enabled. PR1562867

Routing Protocols

  • Traffic might be silently discarded when the clear bgp neighbor all command is executed on a router and also on the corresponding route reflector in succession. PR1514966

  • The rpd process generates a core file at gp_rtarget_tsi_update,bgp_rtarget_flash_rt,bgp_rtarget_flash. PR1541768

  • BGP-LU session might flap with AIGP scenario. PR1558102