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Resolved Issues: 21.1R1

Class of Service (CoS)

  • While configuring the WRED profile to a scheduler, you can use either any/any not-any/not-any combination of protocol or loss priority. PR1524259

  • The explicit classifier or rewrite-rule might not work as expected for a logical interface if the wildcard configuration is also applied. PR1556103


  • no-arp-suppression is required for MAC learning across the EVPN domain on the static VTEP. PR1517591

  • ARP replies from the CE device gets dropped incorrectly at the PE fdevice or the EVPN routes resolving through MPLS-over-UDP. PR1563802

    The l2ald process might crash under the VLAN-based EVPN-VxLAN scenario. PR1550109

  • The BUM traffic might get dropped in the EVPN-VXLAN setup. PR1525888

  • The route table shows additional paths for the same EVPN or VXLAN Type 5 destination after upgrading from Junos OS Release 18.4R2-S3 to 19.4R1-S2. PR1534021

  • All the ARP reply packets toward some address are flooded across the entire fabric. PR1535515

  • The GE LOS alarm logs on the change in IFF_CCCDOWN are not logged in the syslog message file. PR1539146

  • The rpd memory might leak when the EVPN configuration is changed. PR1540788

  • The l2ald process might generate a core file when the EVPN-VXLAN configuration is changed. PR1541904

  • The rpd might crash after adding route-target on a dual-Routing Engine system under the EVPN multihoming scenario. PR1546992

  • VLAN ID information is missed while installing the EVPN route from the BGP Type 2 Route after modifying a routing instance from instance type EVPN to instance type virtual-switch. PR1547275

  • Remote code execution vulnerability is observed in the Overlayed service. PR1517591

Forwarding and Sampling

  • The srrd process might crash in a high route churns scenario or if the process flaps. PR1517646

  • The l2ald process might crash when a device configuration flaps frequently. PR1529706

  • VLAN-ID-based firewall match conditions might not work for the VPLS service. PR1542092

  • MAC learning issue might occur when EVPN-VXLAN is enabled. PR1546631

  • All traffic is dropped on the aggregated Ethernet bundle without VLAN configuration if bandwidth-percent policer is configured. PR1547184

  • The l2ald process might crash due to a next-hop issue in the EVPN-MPLS. PR1548124

  • Configuration archive transfer-on-commit fails on Junos OS Release 18.2R3-S6.5. PR1563641

General Routing

  • Dynamic tunnel summary displays a wrong count of up and total tunnels. PR1429949

  • The riot might crash due to a rare issue if vMX run in the performance mode. PR1534145

  • The BFD sessions might not come up in the VXLAN scenario. PR1538600

  • Unable to show to which shard a given route is hashed. PR1430460

  • On the MPC11E line card, the number-of-sub-ports configuration on the 4x10GbE channelized ports might cause the channels to go down. PR1442439

  • The MPC2E-NG or MPC3E-NG card with a specific MIC might crash after a high rate of interface flaps. PR1463859

  • The following line-card errors are seen:


  • Dynamic SR-TE tunnels do not get automatically re-created at the new primary Routing Engine after the Routing Engine switchovers. PR1474397

  • Memory utilization enhancement is needed. PR1481151

  • Subscribing to /linecard/packet/usage and triggering the UDP decoder, the hardware statistics are exported with improper hierarchy. PR1485739

  • Prefix is not emitted for the te-lsp-timers/state/cleanup-delay sensor path for OCST. PR1500690

  • Transit IPv4 traffic forwarding over BGP SR-TE might not work. PR1505592

  • The log file to log the activities associated with the request rift package activate command is created with the permissions of the user. If multiple users run the command, the command might fail due to the write permission error. PR1514046

  • On the MX960 routers, the show interfaces redundancy rlt0 statement shows current status as Primary down as the FPC is still in the Ready state after RLT failover (restart FPC). PR1518543

  • The BFD session status remains down at the non-anchor FPC even though BFD session is up after the anchor FPC reboots or panic. PR1523537

  • The rpd process might crash when the routing-instances are deleted and recreated quickly. PR1562905

  • FPC might not be recognized after the power cycle (hard reboot). PR1540107

  • No response from the other Routing Engine for the last 2 seconds triggers the following SNMP trap message:


  • Problem with static VLAN deletion with active subscribers, and the FPC might be stuck at the Ready state during restart. PR1525036

  • The following error message is observed during GRES if an IRB interface is configured without a profile:


  • The l2cpd process might crash when removing LLDP on an aggregated Ethernet interface. PR1528856

  • The speed command cannot be configured under the interface hierarchy on an extended port when the MX204 or MX10003 router works as an aggregation device. PR1529028

  • The SFP-LX or SFP-SX optics on MIC-3D-20GE-SFP-E/EH might show as unsupported after ISSU. PR1529844

  • The following error message for port might be seen:


  • On the MX2010 routers, BiDi 1G SFP optics gives wrong value in JVision for optics/laser_rx_power_*_thresholds.

  • After performing ISSU with a high-scale bridge-domain configuration, less than 0.0254 percent of traffic loss is observed for a single bridge-domain interface. PR1531051

  • On MX204 and MX10003 routers, PEM 0 always shows as absent or empty even if PEM 0 is present. PR1531190

  • On the MX150 routers, configuring the no-flow-control statement under gigether-options does not work. PR1531983

  • Wavelength unlocked alarm is On when using SFP+-10G-T-DWDM-ZR optics. PR1532593

  • The interface with the pic-mode 10GE configuration might not come up if upgraded to Junos OS Release 18.4R3-S4 or later. PR1534281

  • Some routes might get incorrectly programmed in the forwarding table in the kernel that are no longer present in rpd. PR1534455

  • PTP slave might discard the PTP packets from primary when MPLS explicit-null is configured. PR1547901

  • Packets drops might be seen after configuring the PTP transparent clock. PR1530862

  • PTP slave might discard the PTP packets from primary when MPLS explicit-null is configured.PR1547901

  • The log file of the lcklsyncd process shows empty.PR1567687

  • On the ACX710 routers, continuous reboot due to configuration under auxiliary port s observed. PR1580016

  • Multiple vmxt processes might generate core files. PR1534641

  • The MPLS traffic that passes through the back-to-back PE device topology might match the wrong COS queue. PR1569715

  • The following log message might be seen on VM host platform: /tmp//mpci_info: No such file or directory :error[1] PR1570135
  • SNMP MIB walk for jnxSubscriber OIDs returns a general error message. PR1535754

  • All SFBs might go offline due to fabric failure and fabric self-ping probes performing the disable-pfe action. PR1535787

  • Enhancements are needed to debug l2ald. PR1536530

  • The chassisd memory leak might cause traffic loss. PR1537194

  • The following error message might be observed when the JAM packages for the MX204, MX10003, and MX10008 routers are installed:


  • Version-alias gets missed for subscribers configured with dynamic profiles after ISSU. PR1537512

  • Deactivating or activating PTP or SyncE in the upstream router causes the 100GbE links on the LC2103 to flap. PR1538122

  • The The MPC10 and MPC11 Packet Forwarding Engine FPCs (MPC10 and MPC11 line cards) Packet Forwarding Engine show jnh exceptions inst <inst-number> command might cause the FPC to crash. PR1538138

  • Traffic drop might be seen while executing the request system reboot command. PR1538252

  • The accounting interim-updates for subscriber does not work after GRES and subsequent reboot of FPCs in the node-slicing setup. PR1539474

  • The rpd memory might leak on the backup Routing Engine due to link flaps. PR1539601

  • The mspmand process leaks memory in relation to the MX Series telemetry, reporting the following error message:


  • With hold-time configuration, the ge interfaces remain down on reboot. PR1541382

  • Subscriber might not come up on some dynamic VLAN ranges in a subscriber management environment. PR1541796

  • The dcpfe process might crash and restart with a dcpfe core file created while running the Type5 EVPN-VXLAN with 2000 VLANs. 1556561

  • Packets corruption on 100G or 40G interface is observed when configured with protocol PTP. PR1557758

  • During ISSU, BNG losses the subscriber sessions without sending Session Stop but stay in authd. PR1554539

  • The l2alm process high CPU utilization might be observed in the EVPN-VxLAN environment. PR1551025

  • After changing addresses in the source pool, if the carrier-grade NAT traffic does not stop, the source pool cannot perform the NAT translation from the new pool. PR1542202

  • The KRT queue might get stuck after the Routing Engine switchover. PR1542280

  • Port mirroring with maximum-packet-length configuration does not work over the GRE interface. PR1542500

  • The mspmand process might generate a core file on activating or deactivating the interface. PR1544794

  • The riot forwarding daemon might crash on vMX-based platforms configured with an IRB interface. PR1544856

  • Traffic loss might be observed when the Switch Fabric Board 3 and MPC8E 3D combination is used in the MX2010 or MX2020 router. PR1544953

  • The FPC process might crash during the system booting. PR1545455

  • RPD fails to program new routes, and continuous rpd errors might be observed. PR1545463

  • Plane offline IPC of chassis-id might time out on MX Series devices with MPC11E line cards. PR1546449

  • Unexpected log messages appear related to Neighbor Solicitation (NS) messages with multicast as source address. PR1546501

  • Backup Routing Engine vmcore might be seen due to absence of next-hop acknowledgment Infra. PR1547164

  • In the syslog output, the sylog-local-tag name is truncated as SYSLOG_SF when the sylog-local-tag name is configured as SYSLOG_SFW. PR1547505

  • The nsd daemon might crash after configuring inline NAT in USF mode. PR1547647

  • SENSOR APP DWORD leak is observed during the period of churn for routes bound to the sensor group. PR1547698

  • SR-TE might stay up when the routes are deleted through policy. PR1547933

  • Multicast traffic drop might be seen after ISSU. PR1548196

  • Validation of OCSP certificate might not go through in case of certain CA servers. PR1548268

  • Error messages are observed as the backup peer does not send marker acknowledgment for the last 360 seconds for vks 0 slave_ack=0 during ISSU. PR1550492

  • The adapted sample rate might be reset to the configured sample rate without changing the sampling rate information in sFlow datagrams after enabling sFlow technology on a new interface. PR1550603

  • The rpd might crash when BGP service route is resolved over color-only SR-TE policy. PR1550736

  • The PPPoE subscribers might fail to log in. PR1551207

  • Slow FPC heap memory might leak due to the flapping of the subscribers terminated over multiple pseudowires. PR1574383

  • The Packet Forwarding Engine might get disabled when major CMERROR occurs due to the parity errors. PR1551353

  • Disable-pfe with intermittent ipc_pipe_get_packet(): packet_get() failed error message and CM_CMERROR_FABRIC_SELFPING failure messages are observed. PR1554209

  • The following error message might be observed.


  • Fixed Packet Forwarding Engine instance processing in JnhHandleReplicate to honor the Packet Forwarding Engine mask is observed. PR1553400

  • Fabric errors are observed and the FPC processes might go offline with SCBE3, MPC3E-NG, or MPC3E line cards and MPC7 or MPC10 line card in the increased-bandwidth fabric mode. PR1553641

  • Configuring HFRR (for example, link-protection) on an interface might cause rpd to crash. PR1555866

  • Chassisid SNMP trap Fru Offline is not generated on MPC11E line card due to no power. PR1556090

  • ISSU might be aborted on the MX Series devices for Junos OS Release 20.2R2-S1. PR1557413

  • On the MX150 routers, the following continuous license error is observed:


  • On the MX960 routers, mismatch between YANG schema and RPC output are observed. PR1559810

  • When the system has only one plane (in the process of plane offline or online), the MPC10-10c line card displays a destination error. PR1560053

  • The request system software validate command might corrupt installation of junos-openconfiguration package. PR1560234

  • On the MX240 routers, R0 overlay ping fails. PR1560408

  • The l2cpd process might generate a core file on reboot. PR1561235

  • On the MX240 routers, the VIA headers do not change properly when the SIP ALG is enabled. PR1561312

  • Traffic drop might occur on all platforms running Junos OS when a GRE-based dynamic tunnel is configured. PR1561721

  • The rpd might crash during processing huge amount of PIM prune messages. PR1561984

  • The following error message might be seen after ISSU:


  • The PPPoE service-name-tables do not correctly count active sessions matching the agent-specifier aci/ari used for delay. PR1565258

  • The MX204 FPC might show high CPU utilization because the JGCI background thread runs for a long period. PR1567797

  • On the MX150 routers, the request system software add command is disabled in Junos OS Release 19.4R3-S1, 20.1R2, and 20.4R1. PR1568273

  • The rpd might crash while using BFD API to bring up BFD sessions. PR1569040

  • The agent sensor __default_fabric_sensor__ seems to be partly applied to some FPCs, which causes the following zero payload issue:


  • GRE OAM keepalive fails to start after the Packet Forwarding Engine reboots. PR1569790

  • Fabric errors are observed on a system with MPC3E line cards and MPC4E or MPC5E line card with enhanced MX960 backplane. PR1573360

  • DHCP discover packet might be dropped if the DHCP inform packet is received first. PR1542400

  • The show dynamic-profile session client-id command displays only one IPv6 framed-route information. PR1555476

  • On the MX2010 routers, many chassid and fabric related errors are observed after ZPL ISSU. PR1558626

  • On the MX480 routers, the MPC10E line cards are restarted after performing GRES with scaled configurations. PR1561259

  • On the MX2020 and MX960 routers, the PTP state gets stuck in the Acquiring state. PR1562267

  • On the MX2010 routers, the aft-ulcd process crashes and generates core files continuously and SLC keeps restarting after upgrade. PR1578191

  • On the MX480 routers, the expected DDoS Routing Engine violations are not observed on the MPC10E. PR1579319

  • On the MX2020 routers, the ISSU RECONNECT TIMEOUT error message is observed on the MPC6E line crads due to which the dark window size is more than expected. PR1580658

  • On MX960 routers, the R0 overlay ping fails with an error message containing the tunnel source and destination address and information about the VNI. PR1580918

  • On the MX480 routers, the STP topology changes after ISSU with VSTP configuration. PR1581080

  • The interface might not be added to BD after the VLAN change. PR1504374

  • On the MPC10 and MPC11 line cards, the following error messages occur:


  • The MX150 Series routers might go into the Database mode after the software upgrade or downgrade. PR1510892

  • The show configuration command does not display the actual version information. PR1517231

  • Receipt of the specific packets might lead to Denial of Service in the MQTT Server. PR1522265

  • Packets might drop with all commit events with the 1G speed configured interface. PR1524614

  • Memory leaks while querying the aggregated Ethernet interface statistics. PR1528605

  • The dcpfe process might crash and cause FPC to restart due to the traffic burst. PR1534340

  • The MX240 routers with NG-RE reports mixed primary and backup Routing Engine types alarm.


  • A specific BGP VPNv6 flowspec message causes the routing protocol daemon (rpd) process to crash with a core. PR1537085

  • Any modification made in the middle of the existing firewall filter might lead to all host-bound traffic being discarded. PR1544502

  • The ancpd process generates core cile while hitting the maximum-discovery-table-entries limit. PR1544746

  • The jnxDomAlarmSet and jnxDomAlarmClear traps do not get generated at 15 minutes intervals after a link on the transceivers support DOM becomes up or down. PR1545514

  • Receipt of the specific DHCPv6 packet might cause the jdhcpd process to crash and restart. PR1546166

  • The OSPFv3 session might flap and OSPFv3 hellos might drop in the host path. PR1547032

  • sFlow requests for license upon committing the configuration. PR1550140

  • The IRB interface might not work after chassisd and l2ald reboots in an EVPN scenario. PR1551631

  • The action-shutdown command of the storm control does not work for the ARP broadcast packets. PR1552815

  • On the MX204 and MX10003 routers, the chassisd process might crash with repeated configuration commits. PR1555271

  • Client authentication fails after performing GRES. PR1563431

  • Need to improve the handling deletion of static demux interface with active subscribers. PR1570739

  • The following commit failure error message appears:



  • Invalid statistics value might be observed when multiple mib2d/cosd requests for the same logical interface arrives within one second. PR1541579

Interfaces and Chassis

  • The configuration might not be applied after deleting all existing logical interfaces and adding a new logical interface for a physical interface (IFD) in a single commit. PR1534787

  • The following errors are generated during GRES: VRRPMAN_PATRICIA_GROUP_ADD_FAIL: vrrp_ifcm_send_bulk: Failed to add group to patricia tree key and VRRPMAN_ENTRY_KEY_PRESENT: vrrp_ifcm_send_bulk: Already an entry present with the key. PR1575689
  • Inline Y.1731 SLM or DM does not work in the enhanced-cfm-mode for the EVPN up MEP scenario. PR1537381

  • The following error message might be seen after commit for configuration under interface hierarchy:


  • The following commit error is observed while trying to delete unit 1 logical systems interfaces: ae2.1:


  • The startup-silent-period command might not work in Junos OS Release 20.3R1 or later. PR1548464

  • The VCP port is marked as administratively down on the wrong MX-VC member. PR1552588

  • The dcd process might leak memory on pushing the configuration to the ephemeral database. PR1553148

  • On the MX960 routers, sessions are flapped after applying the action profile on the router. PR1561044

  • The input errors counter on the monitor interface CLI does not work. PR1561065

  • MAC address entry issue might be seen after the MC-LAG interface fails or falls back. PR1562535

  • Traffic loss might be seen while verifying VRRP State Machine functionality. PR1564551

  • The traceroute Local Privilege Escalation vulnerabilities in SUID binaries appears. PR1529209

  • The ppmd process might crash when you configure VRRP. PR1561281

  • The MC-AE interfaces might go down if you configure same VRRP group-id on the multiple IRB units. PR1575779

Juniper Extension Toolkit (JET)

  • TCP connection might not be established while creating the default gRPC channel with fw_channel name. PR1559064

Layer 2 Ethernet Services

  • The copying of files to the RCB over WAN ports is slow. PR1496895

  • Receipt of the malformed DHCPv6 packets causes the jdhcpd process to crash and restart. PR1564434

  • The show dhcp relay statistics command displays DHCPLEASEUNASSIGNED instead of DHCPLEASEUNASSINGED, which is a spelling error. PR1512239

  • DHCP packet might drop when DHCP relay is configured on the leaf device. PR1554992

  • jnxJdhcpLocalServerMacAddress (. returns incorrect format of MAC address. PR1565540

  • The Option 82 information are incorrectly cleared by the DHCP Relay Agent. PR1568344

  • Receipt of a crafted DHCP packet causes the jdhcpd DHCP service to generate core files. PR1534814


  • Traffic loss might be observed due to rpd crash in the MPLS scenario. PR1528460

  • MPLS LSP on transit has double entries. PR1533161

  • The rpd process might crash when the LDP route with indirect next hop is deleted on the aggregated Ethernet interface. PR1538124

  • Committing might trigger externally provisioned LSP MBB mechanism. PR1546824

  • A new LSP might not be up even if the bypass LSP is up and setup-protection is configured. PR1555774


  • FPC might crash in a multicast scenario. PR1569957

Network Management and Monitoring

  • Commit error while deleting the routing instance when SNMP trap-group also has the same routing instance referred. PR1555563

  • The trace-relay process generates core files. PR1556040

  • After the l2cpd service is restarted, the context of registration from l2cpd to snmpd was failing due to incorrect reinitialization. Because of this, if an NMS polls the dot1dStp objects by prefixing the context might fail. As a workaround, restart snmpd or reconfigure the protocols hierarchy. PR1561736

Platform and Infrastructure

  • PE-CE OAM CFM might have issues in the aggregated Ethernet interface. PR1501656

  • The following major error might cause Packet Forwarding Engine(s) to disable: XQ_CMERROR_SCHED_L3_PERR_ERR PR1538960

  • An internal timer on the backup Routing Engine might cause an ARP storm upon GRES switchover on the new primary Routing Engine. PR1547583

  • The state of the flow detection configuration might not be displayed properly if DDoS-SCFD is configured globally. PR1519887

  • The following error message is observed when the alarms resets after interface:


  • The VXLAN encapsulation over IPv6 underlay might not work. PR1532144

  • The PPE error messages or traps might be observed in the Layer 2 flooding scenarios. PR1533767

  • The fpc process might crash when the next-hop memory of ASIC is exhausted in an EVPN-MPLS scenario. PR1533857

  • The ISSU might fail on platforms running Junos OS with LU chip-based line cards. PR1535745

  • Subscribers do not come up with VPLS on ps interface. PR1536043

  • Packet loss might be observed when the RFC2544 egress reflector session is configured on the nonzero Packet Forwarding Ethernet interface. PR1538417

  • The vmxt_lnx process generates a core file at l2_metro_bd_host_inject_del bd_platform_delete bd_handle_msg. PR1538516

  • The rmopd process might leak memory if the TWAMP client is configured. PR1541808

  • FPC might crash when the underlying Layer 2 interface for ARP over IRB interface is changed from the physical interface to the LSI interface. PR1542211

  • ARP expired timer on the backup Routing Engine is not the same as on the primary Routing Engine if aging-timer is configured. PR1544398

  • The kernel might crash if GRES is performed in either a new iteration or after swapping the Routing Engine and restoring the HA configuration. PR1549656

  • The BGP session replication might fail to start after the session crashes on the backup Routing Engine. PR1552603

  • Traffic is not forwarded over IRB to l2circuit on lt interfaces. PR1554908

  • IPv4 EXP rewrite might not work properly when inet IPv6-VPN is enabled. PR1559018

  • DHCPv4 request packets might be wrongly dropped during DDoS attacks. PR1562474

  • The enforce-strict-scale-limit-license configuration enforces subscriber license incorrectly and the following error message is observed:


  • The BUM frame might be duplicated on an aggregate device if the extended-port on the Satellite device is an aggregated Ethernet interface. PR1560788

  • The IIF-LIST APP DWORD leak is observed during the period of churn for the NGMVPN-MoFRR routes with sender-based-rpf enabled. PR1548806
  • DDoS LACP violation occurs upon receipt of specific layer 2 frames in an EVPN-VXLAN scenarios. PR1512033

  • During Routing Engine switchover the new primary Routing Engine might suddenly crash. PR1527246

  • In a rare occurrence, the Routing Engine kernel might crash while handling the TCP sessions if you enable GRES or NSR. PR1546615

  • The toe_lu_stats_ucode process generates the core file at jbeta_fcv_alloc_fcv_idx_global jbeta_sfilter_fcv_cb bwy_dfw_sfilter_fcv_cb. PR1569328

  • On the MX480 routers with Trio line cards hosting subscribers, when memory allocation in the counter segment fails the error logs might be observed. PR1570631

  • On the MX480 routers, FPC reports following error log message:


Routing Policy and Firewall Filters

  • For setting the IPv6 router ID, the routing-options statement is added. PR1523283

  • The RPD process generates core file at task_block_alloc_jemalloc isis_spring_stats_jobinfo_alloc isis_spring_stats_show_traffic_stats. PR1579830
  • The policy configuration might be mismatched between the rpd and mgd processes when deactivate policy-options prefix-list is involved in the configuration sequence. PR1523891

  • The generated route goes into the Hidden state when the protect core statement is enabled. PR1562867

  • Global variable policy_db_type do not set the correct value on failure. PR1561931

Routing Protocols

  • The BFD session might get stuck in the Init or Down state after the BFD session flaps. PR1474521

  • With BGP rib-sharding enabled, RPD memory might exhaust. PR1546347

  • Traffic might be lost during mirror data transmit from the primary ppmd/bfdd. PR1570228

  • VRF table does not get refreshed after changing to maximum-prefixes in the VRF. PR1564964

  • Traffic loss might occur during VRF route resolution over indirect nexthop. PR1525363

  • The rpd might crash with BGP RPKI enabled in a race condition. PR1487486

  • The virtual-router option is not supported under a routing instance in a lean rpd image. PR1494029

  • Some PIM join or prune packets might not be processed in the first attempt in the scale scenario where the PIM routers establish neighborship and immediately join the multicast group. PR1500125

  • Traffic might be silently discarded when the clear bgp neighbor all command is executed on a router and also on the corresponding route reflector in succession. PR1514966

  • The BGP session with VRRP virtual address might not come up after a flap. PR1523075

  • The VRF label is not assigned at ASBR when the inter-AS is implemented. PR1523896

  • The rpd process generates a core file at is_srv6_delete_locator_end_sid_data isis_srv6_end_sid_local_data_delete isis_srv6_locator_config_check. PR1531830

  • Transit labels for Layer 3 VPN routes are pushed momentarily to the MPLS.0 table. PR1532414

  • Configuring then next hop and then reject on a route policy for the same route might cause the rpd process to crash. PR1538491

  • After the peer is moved out of the protection group, the path protection is not removed from the PE device. The multipath route is still present. PR1538956

  • The rpd process generates a core file at gp_rtarget_tsi_update,bgp_rtarget_flash_rt,bgp_rtarget_flash. PR1541768

  • Traffic loss might be seen in next-hop-based dynamic tunnels of the Layer 3 VPN scenario after changing the dynamic-tunnel preference. PR1542123

  • Continuous rpd crash might be observed if a static group is added to the PIM protocol. PR1542573

  • The metric of prefixes in intra-area-prefix LSA might be changed to 65535 when the metric of one of the OSPFv3 P2P interfaces is set to 65535. PR1543147

  • IS-IS does not call ted_add_halflink for P2P IPv6-only links for traffic engineering topology. PR1548506

  • Telemetry key value for transport or remote-address field for link-local IPv6 peer is incorrect, and logical interface is absent. PR1548754

  • The BGP session neighbor shutdown configuration does not affect the non-established peer. PR1554569

  • The changes are not effective when the values are set under static default hierarchy. PR1555187

  • The BGP session might not come up if extended-nexthop is enabled by default on the other vendor remote peer. PR1555288

  • Sending multicast traffic to downstream receiver on Virtual Chassis platforms might fail. PR1555518

  • Six PE device prefixes might not be removed from the RIB upon reception of withdrawal from a BGP neighbor when RIB sharding is enabled. PR1556271

  • Multipath information still shown for BGP route even after disabling interface for one path. PR1557604

  • Extra node-spring-algorithm-type is displayed under the show route table lsdist.0 te-node-iso <> extensive command. PR1560003

  • VPN routes learned from core were not advertised to the CE devices when BGP sharding is configured. PR1560661

  • All Layer 3 VPN route ages reset when a VRF is added or deleted. PR1560827

  • Duplicate LSP next hop is shown on inet.0, inet.3, and mpls.0 route table when OSPF traffic-engineering shortcuts and MPLS bgp-igp-both-ribs are enabled. PR1561207

  • Wrong SPF calculation might be observed for OSPF with ldp-synchronization hold-time configured after interface flaps. PR1561414

  • BGP routes might be stuck in routing table in the Accepted DeletePending state when the BGP peering session goes down. PR1562090

  • The rpd might crash on the backup Routing Engine after rpd restart is triggered on the primary Routing Engine. PR1563350

  • SNMP MIB OSPFv3NbrState returns a drifted value. PR1571473

  • The rpd process crashes when you configure a fresh router with IS-IS and RIB-group to leak the inet3 routes from the no-forwarding to primary instance in a single commit. PR1534486

  • The rpd process might crash when a BGP session re-establishes or flaps. PR1567182

  • There might be 10 seconds delay to upload the LSP on the point-to-point interface if the rpd process restarts on its direct neighbor. 1571395

  • The ppmd process might crash when you enable the MD5 authentication on OSPF with BFD flapping. PR1576893

  • The rpd process generates the core file at thread_next_node jnx_bgp_tunnel_encaps_attr_tunnel_count jnx_bgp_tunnel_encaps_attr_set_tunnel. PR1579818

Services Applications

  • L2TP subscribers might fail to establish a session on the MX Series device if the CPE is a virtual host. PR1527343

  • The following error message is observed:


  • Executing CLI command repetitively might cause the system to run out of disk space. PR1537772

User Interface and Configuration

  • The verbose command unexpectedly becomes hidden after Junos OS Release 16.1 for set system export-format json. PR1547693

  • The request system software validate on host command does not validate the correct configuration file. PR1553577

  • The configuration under groups stanza is not inherited properly. PR1529989

  • Removing the flash component from Monitor > Interfaces and DHCP pages, removes the other flash pages. PR1553176

  • The firewall filter for both IPv4 and IPv6 might not work when it is applied through apply-groups. PR1534858

  • The JNH memory might leak on the Trio-based line cards. PR1542882


  • The PIM (S,G) join state might stay forever when there are no MC receivers and the source is inactive. PR1536903

  • MVPN multicast route entry might not be properly updated with the actual downstream interfaces list. PR1546739

  • Selective multicast tunnel (S-PMSI) fails to come up due to incorrect community. PR1537636

  • Type 7 messages might not be sent from the egress PE devices resulting in the Type 3 or Type 5 messages not created for some S, Gs in the source PE devices. PR1567584