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  • Flow-aware transport pseudowire support for EVPN-VPWS (MX Series routers and EX9200 switches)—Starting in Junos OS Release 21.1R1, you can statically configure provider edge (PE) devices to use flow-aware transport (FAT) pseudowire labels in an EVPN virtual private wire service (VPWS) routing instance with an IP/MPLS underlay fabric. PE devices use these labels to load-balance EVPN-MPLS packets across ECMP paths or link aggregation groups (LAGs) without needing to do deep packet inspection of the payload.

    To enable FAT pseudowire load balancing in an evpn-vpws routing instance:

    • Configure flow-label-transmit-static on PE devices to insert FAT flow labels into VPWS pseudowire packets sent to remote PE devices.

    • Configure flow-label-receive-static on PE devices to remove FAT flow labels from VPWS pseudowire packets received from remote PE devices.

    You can configure these statements for all pseudowires in the routing instance or for pseudowires associated with a specific interface in the routing instance.

    [See FAT Flow Labels in EVPN-VPWS Routing Instances, flow-label-receive-static, and flow-label-transmit-static.]