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Resolved Issues: 21.1R2


  • The EVPN option under the routing-instances <> protocols is not present. PR1581821

Forwarding and Sampling

  • The user-defined ARP policer gets applied on the aggregated Ethernet interface until the firewall process restarts. PR1528403

General Routing

  • Need to improve the request system software delete command to add the newarchived option to delete all the old software versions except the current and rollback. PR1566173

  • Upgrading the PTX1000 devices with unified SSDs (2x32G SSD) might result in a boot loop in certain scenario. PR1571275

  • The toe_gld_toe0_ucode process generates the core files at prds_rt_ifl_ipv6_del_hndl_from_desc_list. PR1571279

  • On the PTX5000 devices, traffic loss might occur. PR1578511

  • TACACS traffic might be dropped. PR1578579

  • The PTX Series routers might drop traffic. PR1580211

  • Configuring and deleting the FEC mode disables the auto-FEC91 on an interface that uses QSFP28-SR4 (PTX5000 or PTX3000). PR1582200

  • The show chassis clocks command must be handled in a graceful way or with a meaningful error. PR1583715

  • The following error message appears during bootup:

  • Traffic loss might be observed post changing the SAK keys. PR1591432

  • Packet might drop on the aggregated Ethernet interface bundle with a single child member. PR1551736

  • The micro BFD session might flap with the DDoS policer. PR1557782

  • Device might run out of service post GRES or unified ISSU. PR1558958

  • On PTX10002-60C router, another port shutdowns after shutting down one of the port. PR1568294

  • Need to support LLDP Out-of-Bounds read vulnerability in l2cpd. PR1569312

  • The gRPC session becomes nonresponsive in the Closed state. PR1571999

  • On PTX10002 router, the channelized ports might drop traffic. PR1575742

  • The BFD sessions might flap during traffic spikes. PR1578599

  • Authentication might fail if the password contains special characters. PR1580003

  • The IS-IS packet might be corrupted on the provider edge device over the l2circuit tunnel. PR1580047

  • On PTX5000 router, the packets might be dropped by the Packet Forwarding Engine after changing the queue of IEEE-802.1ad classifier on FPC-PTX-P1-A or FPC2-PTX-P1A. PR1584042

  • There might be higher latency in traffic flow than the configured or default value. PR1588514

  • The jsd process might crash in a rare condition in a telemetry scenario. PR1589103

  • On PTX3000 and PTX5000 routers, the 40G or 100G interfaces might get become nonresponsive in the Down state after the link flaps. PR1589170

  • Node name should not be attached to the system hostname under LLDP. PR1593991

  • On PTX1000 router, sFlow data (inner VLAN and outer VLAN value, forwarding-class, and DSCP value) does not get exported while checking from the server flow-records at the collector for the ingress sampling. PR1598263

  • The CRC errors increases continuously after the interface flaps. PR1600768

  • Traffic might silently discarded due to the RS Fatal error message on FPC-PTX-P1-A/FPC2-PTX-P1A/FPC-SFF-PTX-P1-A/FPC-SFF-PTX-T. PR1600935

  • The l2circuit packets with the destination MAC 01:00:0c:cc:cc:cd might get punted. PR1601360

Layer 2 Ethernet Services

  • Copying of files to the RCB over WAN ports is slow. PR1496895


  • Traffic sent over an LSP might be dropped if two consecutive PLRs along the LSP performs the local repair and bypass protecting the second PLR fails. PR1566101

  • Sub-optimal routing issues might occur in case of the LDP route with multiple next-hops. PR1582037

  • The LDP replication session might not get synchronized when you enable the dual-transport.

  • VPLS connection might get down if you configure the dual-transport statement. PR1601854


  • Multicast traffic in an MVPN setup might be silently discarded on some PTX Series devices that acts as the transit LSR. PR1555274

  • FPC might crash in a multicast scenario. PR1569957

Platform and Infrastructure

  • FPC might crash in a scaled-firewall configuration. PR1586817

  • Upon the receipt of specific sequences of genuine packets destined to the device the kernel crashes and restarts. PR1557881

Routing Protocols

  • Traffic might be silently discarded when a BGP route that is part of multipath gets deleted. PR1514966

  • Route validation states might flip between the Valid, Invalid, and Unknown state in some corner cases. PR1556656

  • The ppmd process memory leaks that might cause traffic loss. PR1561850

  • The BGP session carrying the VPNv4 prefix with IPv6 next-hop might be dropped. PR1580578

  • The rpd process might crash in certain IS-IS scenario. PR1583484

  • The BGP Egress-TE routes loses to the BGP routes using the same protocol-preference. PR1593332


  • The rpd process might crash during a race condition under the BGP multipath scenario. PR1567918