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Open Issues

Learn about open issues in this release for ACX Series routers.

For the most complete and latest information about known Junos OS defects, use the Juniper Networks online Junos Problem Report Search application.

General Routing

  • This ping latency behavior is expected for host generated ICMP traffic due to the design of PFE queue polling the packets from ASIC.
  • This ping latency behavior is expected for host generated ICMP traffic due to the design of PFE queue polling the packets from ASIC. PR1380145


    10 packets transmitted, 10 packets received, 0% packet loss

    round-trip min/avg/max/stddev = 8.994/51.885/106.449/26.824 ms

  • On ACX6360/PTX10001 router, Tx power cannot be configured using + sign. PR1383980

  • The ccc logs are not compressed after rotation. PR1398511

  • Multiple RMEP's are unsupported due to which RDI Issue was seen, Now False Alarm RDI Issue is tracked by another PR-1421845 which is under review. PR1478346

  • If we configure DHCP option 012 host-name in DHCP server configuration and the actual base config file also has the host-name in it, we are overwriting the base config file's host-name with the DHCP option 012 host-name. PR1503958

  • Boot from alternate media - alarm would not be seen in ACX710, when system is booted with recovery snapshot. This feature is requires new implemented and changes in ACX710 firmware. PR1517221

  • Due to BRCM KBP issue route lookup may fail. PR1533513

  • A new alarm "network-service mode mismatch between configuration and kernel setting" was introduced by PR 1514840 commit. When ISSU or Normal code upgrade is performed from images without PR1514840 commit to images with PR1514840 commit, then the transient false alarm will be seen. PR1546002

  • ACX-5448 Customers cannot downgrade from Junos OS 19.x/20.x code base to 18.4 code base. PR1556377

  • The Precision Time Protocol (PTP) clock might fail to be locking and stuck in acquiring state at clock servo. PR1570310
  • On ACX710 platforms, TSU access may fail sometimes which leads to PTP functionality that will not work on the box. PR1587990
  • On certain ACX platforms, MAC address entries might not be deleted from the MAC table at the end of 'mac-table-aging-time' timer when there is active traffic destined to that MAC address. When the issue happens, it might reduce the number of new MAC addresses that can be learned. If the ethernet-switching table overflows, no new MAC addresses will be learned, which might cause traffic flooding. PR1565642

  • On the ACX5448 platform, when the TCAM (ternary content addressable memory) entries exceed 7500 and executing the command "show firewall", the FPC might restart and the vmhost core might be observed. PR1605288
  • DHCP packet from server over MPLS is not forwarded to client. PR1605854