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Resolved Issues: 21.1R1

High Availability

  • On NFX150 devices, upgrade from Junos OS Release 19.4 to Junos OS Release 20.2 fails and the /usr/sbin/boot_mgmt_fsm: line 40: echo: write error: No space left on device issue message is displayed. PR1532334


  • On NFX250 devices, a VNF interface is not brought down when the VNF interface is mapped to an already link down or disabled peer physical interface. PR1555193

  • Analyzer on OVS fails to mirror packets after a system reboot on a DPDK-enabled device. PR1480290

  • On NFX Series devices, the following error message for interfaces might be seen: FAILED(-1) read of SFP eeprom. PR1529939

Performance Modes

  • A message is provided in syslog if reboot is required for the mode modification to take effect in custom mode. PR1555465

Platform and Infrastructure

  • On NFX150, NFX250 NextGen, and NFX350 devices, the EmulatorPin CPUSet option does not get configured, which might result in vCPU running on a higher level up to 100%. PR1540564

  • On NFX350 devices and the SRX5000 line of devices with SPC3 card, the DPD Gateway failover feature is not supported. PR1564715

  • The l2cpd core files might be seen on reboot. PR1561235

  • The DSL SFP firmware cannot finish upgrade successfully through vmhost reboot. PR1547540