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Platform and Infrastructure

  • Authentication, authorization, and accounting—Starting in cRPD Release 21.1R1, you can configure local and remote authorizations on RADIUS and TACPLUS servers at the [edit system services ssh] hierarchy level. We support the following features:

    • Local authentication and local authorization

    • TACACS+ authentication, authorization and accounting

    • User template support

    • Support for operational commands and regular expressions

    • Local authentication and remote authorization

    [See password-options, tacplus, and radius (System).]

  • SRv6 network programming in IS-IS—Starting in cRPD Release 21.1R1, you can configure to enable basic segment routing functionalities in a core IPv6 network for both route reflector role and host routing roles.

    You can enable SRv6 network programming in an IPv6 network at the [edit source-packet-routing] hierarchy level.


    The support for flavor (specifies end sid behavior) and flexible algorithm options is not available for configuring end sids.

    [See source-packet-routing].

  • Increase ECMP next-hop limit—Starting in cRPD Release 21.1R1, you can specify the multipath next-hop limit at the [edit routing-options maximum-ecmp] hierarchy level. This helps to load-balance the traffic over multiple paths. The default ECMP next-hop limit is 16.

    [See routing-options-max-ecmp and Hash Field Selection for ECMP Load Balancing on Linux].

  • EVPN Type 5 with VXLAN —Starting in cRPD Release 21.1R1, we support EVPN Type 5 Route over VXLAN for both IPv4 and IPv6 prefix advertisements.

    [See EVPN Type-5 Route with VXLAN encapsulation for EVPN-VXLAN].

  • Support for multiple KRT channels in SONiC—cRPD in SONiC supports multiple Kernel Routing Table (KRT) channels to download route table information to forwarding table (FIB). The KRT channels supported are NetLink-based native Linux kernel FIB and FpmSyncd-based SONiC FIB.

    [See cRPD Multi-channel KRT Support in SONiC].