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Resolved Issues: 21.1R1

Interfaces and Chassis

  • Provision control logical interface when none is configured for auto neighbor discovery. PR1507347

Network Management and Monitoring

  • Trace file is not created under SNMP. PR1546784

Routing Protocols

  • The virtual-router option is not supported under a routing-instance in a lean rpd image. PR1494029

  • The IPv6 traffic might get null-route filtered when falling back from IP-in-IP tunnel to inet.0/inet6.0. PR1508631

  • The rpd might crash after reboot when MSDP is configured. PR1536593

System Management

  • Differences in XML tags for show system virtual-memory. PR1438110

  • Differences in XML tags for show system processes. PR1438129

  • QFX5220 does not support the following matches, which were supported on QFX5200: first-fragment, tcp-established, Is-fragment, and hop-limit. PR1499009

  • The interface might not be added to BD after VLAN change. PR1504374

  • In QFX5130-32CD, the dscp action configured in firewall filter does not work and does not rewrite the dscp bits. PR1514580

  • In QFX5130-32CD, when a policer is configured as an action for a loopback filter, it does not take effect. PR1514601

  • The aggregate member links field in the show interfaces extensive command output for aggregated Ethernet interfaces does not reflect the number of member-links. PR1517841

  • On the QFX5130-32CD platform, when the management port speed is configured to 100 Mbps, the port's status LED does not light up. However, the port forwards traffic normally. PR1521510

  • On QFX5130-32CD platforms with a large amount of ARP resolutions happening on IRBs in a very short time, the ARPD process usage can shoot to 100%. This issue does not happen with Layer 3 interfaces. PR1523300

  • Ingress policer scale is limited to 128 due to a known issue in the Junos OS Evolved Release 20.3R1. PR1525525

  • On the QFX5130-32CD platform, the Encapsulated Remote Switch Port ANalyzer (ERSPAN) status continues to show status as "Up" even when the destination IP address is unreachable. PR1527505

  • 160,000 MAC flushing with traffic running takes close to 35 minutes after clear ethernet-switching table, without traffic flushed in 3-4 minutes. PR1528511

  • On the QFX5130-32CD platform, the CLI option to configure a range of VLANs as the input for the analyzer is not supported in this release. PR1529419

  • The cosd might crash when multiple configuration changes are made in a single commit. PR1536320

  • The evo-pfemand process might keep crashing on the QFX5220-32CD or QFX5220-128C platforms. PR1536588

  • The interfaces might not come up in some instances after a power cycle or a soft reboot. PR1538284

  • With port mirror, evo-pfemand might restart unexpectedly on QFX Series platforms running Junos OS Evolved. PR1538626

  • QFX5130-32CD: DHCPv6 packets are going to unknown multicast queue instead of DHCP queue, and DHCPV6 relay is not working. PR1545754

  • When the system has a scaled number of ARP entries learned over IRB and the underlying logical interface of IRB is flapped, traffic drop is expected to happen for sometime for the ARP destinations and arpd is expected to exhibit 100% CPU for some time. PR1554151

  • The device might not boot up after performing the cleanup operation. PR1557020

  • EVO:: JDI_FT_REGRESSIONS:: QFX5130:: Tunnel:: GRE:: tunneld core hit at unneld core was hit at IflibCommonData. PR1563399

  • "ICMP destination unreachable" message is not sent from the QFX5130 when a firewall filter action rejects the packet. PR1563404

User Interface and Configuration

  • The EVO operational state would be incorrect on the system and CoS scheduler configuration change might not take effect. PR1536615