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Resolved Issues: 21.1R2

General Routing

  • Ungraceful SIB failures result in transient loss of traffic. PR1497212

  • VCCV type 1 connectivity verification is not supported. PR1503724

  • mpls-label not getting reaped out when configured for SR-sid ingress sensors. PR1516811

  • [Junos OS Evolved PTX10008]: PDT: DCDCEdge-VPNTunnelMulticastL3L2:serviceability :core file creation failure, aftmand core is stuck at /var/lib/ftp/in/ ] PR1522404

  • User might not be able login to PTX10001-36MR after multiple abrupt power cycles or reboots. PR1523238

  • Set of Info level ORPHAN (no passwd entry) cron logs is displayed every 1 minute. PR1527266

  • FPC vmcore files can be stored at /var/lib/ftp/in/fpc_slot/ on Routing Engine0/Routing Engine1. PR1531214

  • show chassis alarms should be redirected to show system alarm. PR1536020

  • Port mirroring stops working for FTI interface when GRE source is changed. PR1536223

  • PTX10001-36MR : PTX10001-36MR :: show ddos-protection protocols bgp statistics brief is throwing error - communication failure with /re0/evo-aftmand-bt/ PR1547491

  • CoS WRED Curve: Create Expr Curve: No curve data points errors are seen when interpolate is configured under drop profile. PR1554220

  • PTX10008 : PTX10008 PFC: Global Ethernet Flow-control should be disabled when PFC CNP is enabled on an Interface. PR1554345

  • The output of show interface queue <> always show forwarding classes: 16 supported, 4 in use with customized configuration. PR1554370

  • Junos OS Evolved-PTX10003-80C and PTX10003-160C :: firewalld:Anomalies are seen in firewalld app for Publish publish-deleted.PR1559046

  • Junos OS Evolved-PTX10008: Zero suppression disable for 20.4R2. PR1559882

  • Telemetry might not work after reboot or upgrade on Junos OS Evolved platforms. PR1560496

  • Traffic drop might be seen after Packet Forwarding Engine restart. PR1560901

  • Timingd-lc errors, CdaExprClient: grpc api call ExprServerInfoGet failed" and "CdaExprClient: Failed to fetch server info error:5 seen on all FPCs after restarting the router or FPC restart. PR1561362

  • CPU utilization of evo-aftman process goes to 100% in a certain scenario on Junos OS Evolved PTX Series devices. PR1562328

  • The ARP might not resolve and traffic might be dropped on Junos Evolved platforms. PR1563684

  • The evo-cda-bt might crash in large scaled configuration scenario. PR1565427

  • Observed license-check core on RE-1 during runtime removal of CB[0] SAM FPGA from PCie device. PR1567066

  • Drop counts in show interfaces voq ae0 might not match with show interfaces queue when clear interface command is issued while traffic is flowing. PR1567598

  • Routes learned through IRB interface might not be reachable in IBGP setup. PR1568566

  • Junos OS Evolved:JDI_FT_REGRESSION: Line card (PTX10000-LC1202-36MR) [firewall] [filter_installation] PTX10008​​/PTX10004 :: scu-class-name is taking more than 60 seconds to come up with scaled aggregated Ethernet configuration. PR1568957

  • The firewalld crash might be seen if GRES is executed as soon as the firewall is activated (for example, commit is done). PR1569427

  • PTX10008: User script output should be logged during ZTP execution for determining failure in the logs. PR1570167

  • Interface hold-time down feature might not work in some conditions. PR1570204

  • The ZTP state machine might be stuck on the management interface for about 12 minutes. PR1570598

  • Traffic loss time more than link failover time might be seen on PTX10008. PR1570665

  • Certain leaves in /components/component[name='FPC1:CPU']/properties/property/cpu-utilization-total is not in Junos OS Evolved 20.4R2. PR1571502

  • The log and syslog action does not work along with port-mirror or sample in PTX10003-80C, PTX10003-160C and PTX10008​​. PR1572239

  • FPCs get restarted automatically after ungraceful removal of SIBs. PR1572431

  • [Junos Telemetry Interface] PTX10008:: NPU Memory KHT DLU IDB value.PR1572704

  • Junos OS Evolved: Specially crafted packets might cause the AFT manager process to crash and restart. PR1572969

  • The hash-key label-1-exp CLI configuration statement does not take effect. PR1573109

  • Junos OS Evolved:JDI_FT_REGRESSION: PTX10008 [jflow][Firewall]: Counter value from sampling firewall fails while validating IPv4 and IPv6 egress sampling with static routes. PR1573969

  • Traffic might not get load balanced after setting and deleting the hash-seed value. PR1574108

  • All queues do not get correct rate as per committed when more than one queue are configured with transmit-rate remainder. PR1574121

  • Junos OS Evolved-PTX10008​​, CLI timout Error communication failure with /fpc0/evo-aftmand-bt/ and traffic loss seen. PR1574513

  • Some error messages might be seen when performing continuous aggregated Ethernet deactivate or activate on PTX Series. PR1574714

  • The rpd might continuously crash if deleting forwarding-class policy with discard action. PR1575177

  • Huge invalid stats shown in show interface statistics when an interface is removed and added from the aggregated Ethernet bundle. PR1575623

  • The distribution of buffer with buffer-size remainder is not correct on Junos OS Evolved PTX Series. PR1575798

  • Loss on IPv6 traffic streams might be observed after NSR SWO. PR1576369

  • Clock status holdover when configured for free-run. PR1576487

  • On PTX10008 Junos OS Evolved, incorrect capacity value is shown on JNP10K-PWR-AC2 /JNP10K-PWR-DC2 PSM. PR1578682

  • The kernel might hang if multiple Routing Engine primary switchovers are performed in a short span of few seconds. PR1578693

  • FPC Status LED are not turn RED with power fault. PR1579466

  • The Packet Forwarding Engine function might break down on all FPCs after performing Routing Engine switchover on Junos OS Evolved platform. PR1579683

  • FPC is stuck in online state and seen continuously rebooting during unified ISSU. PR1580374

  • The l2cpd process might crash on Junos OS Evolved platforms with dual Routing Engines. PR1580479

  • Junos Telemetry Interface properties missing after HwD app restart. PR1580735

  • In certain scenarios, shapers applied on a 10G interface might drop the traffic more than the configured max-rate. PR1580795

  • Streaming over IPv6 fails in Junos OS Evolved. PR1581341

  • [mpls] PTX10004 :: PDT - after disabling the active path, forcing FRR, we see large traffic loss, also we see that the irp.core.trapcode.cfg_err counter increased. PR1582170

  • The CLI show chassis craft-interface not showing correct PSM LED status on PTX10008 Junos OS Evolved. PR1582444

  • Node locked license addition fails in Junos OS Evolved. PR1582704

  • Junos Telemetry Interface: Interfaces: Missing Leaves - Transceiver/state. PR1583076

  • New primary might be struck with switchover is in transition, please wait after primary reboot test case if the switchover happens back-to-back within 2-3 seconds. PR1583347

  • The system might crash if configuring IPv6 FBF with prefix < /88 on all Junos OS Evolved platforms. PR1583374

  • The FRR convergence number is high with ALB enabled on aggregated Ethernet bundle. PR1583866

  • The ospf-hello ddos stats pktCnt is listed as 0. PR1584458

  • After PIC offline and online, show interfaces queue <intf> shows large values for cumulative tail-drop and RED-drop packets and bytes. PR1585552

  • Packet loss might be seen during global repair of FRR. PR1586122

  • PTX10008​​: NPU HBM statistics. PR1586148

  • Remove SIB without going offline, initially it might cause traffic impact. PR1586820

  • The FPC on Junos Evolved PTX10004 or PTX10008 platforms might crash. PR1587676

  • The exported header of the NPU Sensors is changed to match Junos OS. Npu Sensor: components-memory to components PR1588242

  • Traffic loss observed on global repair after disabling of active path forcing FRR. PR1589803

  • If a system has power shortage, then post switchover we see unexpected FPCs or SIBs go down on the new primary. FPCs that were down on the previous primary might be online if they are discovered earlier in the powerManager on the new primary. PR1592004

  • PTX10008​​ Serviceability: picd log floods when there is optics does not support configured speed system alarm. PR1592165

  • ZTP occasionally fails to apply user configuration after the system upgrade. PR1592281

  • Duplicate Junos Telemetry interface leaf oper-status tag for physical interface index 16386 has mismatch value. PR1592468

  • The firewall filter might not take into effect on Junos Evolved PTX Series platforms. PR1592500

  • Port related component sensor does not get exported when subscribed to /components/component/state/ path. PR1593031

  • Port mirroing instance down with mirrored output as tagged interface. PR1593276

  • On Junos OS Evolved platforms, "type" leaf value for "FPC3:PIC0:PORT0:XcvrX" displays XCVR as opposed to TRANSCEIVER displayed in Junos OS. PR1595103

  • Some TCP sessions might not be established after performing the request system snapshot command. PR1595470

  • Post switchover if show chassis hardware shows entries for removed PSMs then reinserting these PSMs will not power back the offlined FPCs. PR1597076

  • The channel 0 physical interfaces does not come up after adding the correct speed configuration. PR1604810

Class of Service

  • The cosd crash might be observed on Junos OS Evolved platforms. PR1566161

  • The cosd core can be seen on the issue of run show class-of-service PR1580573

  • The user-defined cos might not get applied on the interface on setting the class-of-service interface all. PR1592900


  • Sometimes Broadcast, Unknown Unicast, and Multicast (BUM) traffic that comes through evpn-mpls tunnel gets dropped or duplicated when going out of aggregated Ethernet interface after tunnel termination when aggregated Ethernet members are spanned across multiple Packet Forwarding EnginesPR1578314

  • PTX10001-36MR: EVPN missing option under routing-instances <> protocols.PR1581821

General Routing

  • Silent switchover might be triggered on executing restart routing. PR1570993

  • The rpd agent crashes during interface flapping. PR1572940

  • [rpda] PTX10004 : :: PDT: rpdagent crash seen in the primary Routing Engine @NHTable::insert , comp_nh_rts_handler after fourth GRES with GR enabled. PR1593104


  • Uncompressed vmcore with no backtrace. PR1564506

  • ZTP over IPv6 on a management interface is not functional on all Junos OS Evolved platforms. PR1567967

  • The backup router might get stuck in the idle state during the NSR replication for IBGP single hop peers. PR1569696

  • Next-hop incorrectly associated with lo0 in the forwarding table when the interface is configured as unnumbered. PR1570918

  • Ftp ipv6 server function may be failure on all Junos OS Evolved platforms. PR1591733

  • The TCP-based protocol sessions might remain down after multiple Routing Engine switchovers .PR1593580

  • detail and write-file options for CLI command monitor traffic interface are incompatible with each other when used simultaneously. PR1596188

Interfaces and Chassis

  • [hostpath] [hostpathtag] Junos OS Evolved-PTX10003 : :: "picd" Publish-deleted anomolies seen for the type "net::juniper::hwd::serdesDfeTuneStatusE". PR1547484

  • show interface description display order is different from Junos OS and Junos OS Evolved. PR1576224

  • Junos Telemetry Interface optics sensor's alarm data type changed from " bool_val" to "str_val". PR1580113

  • PTX10008​​: ifmand core seen on configuring primary-only on the non-duplicate address. PR1583681

  • When changing the Micro BFD session's address from IPv4 to IPv6 or vice versa, the BFD session and aggregated Ethernet interfaces go down. PR1584853

  • Some interface units description are missing from the output of show interfaces description on certain PTX Series platforms running Junos OS Evolved. PR1591340

  • PTX10003-80C and PTX10003-160C [Interfaces] [Channelization]:25G interfaces with FEC91 goes down on few configurations. PR1594740

  • PTX10003-160C Junos OS Evolved, interface is not programed in routing-instance. PR1596768

Network Management and Monitoring

  • The SNMP hostname does not match the configured hostname on Junos OS Evolved based device. PR1567835

Routing Policy and Firewall Filters

  • Toggle of the interface-specific field of filter already bound to interface is not allowed. PR1571654

  • The firewalld might crash if configuring fragment-offset out of the range (fragment-offset 1-900000000000).PR1605805

Routing Protocols

  • JDI_Regression_EVO_PTX10008​​: rpdagent core seen while testing BFD state replication. PR1571824

User Interface and Configuration

  • shell-init: error retrieving current directory: getcwd: cannot access parent directories: No such file or directory. PR1549479

  • The LACP might stop working after disabling lacp sync-reset. PR1576146