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Resolved Issues: 21.1R2

General Routing

  • Continuous interface MAC change on the neighbor switch results in evo-pfemand running at high CPU and never returns to normal state. PR1564137

  • The IRB logical interface is not created after a sequence of events. PR1565842

  • On ACX7100-48L platform, when a large amount of ARP resolutions happen on IRBs in a very short time, the ARPD process usage can shoot to 100%. PR1568206

  • ACX7100 :IPv6 ping does not work when strict uRPF enabled. PR1568938

  • Router must not boot up with USB installation after selecting the second option Type reboot and hit returnto complete the installation. PR1571930

  • Few streams might observe 8-9 seconds traffic drop during ECMP member link flap. PR1573295

  • PICD restart or crash might result in junks stats for carrier transition. PR1594253

  • ACX7100: No MAC address present in Ethernet table, however ARP is present in the system. PR1597277


  • ToS of self-initiated packets might change unexpectedly. PR1578247

User Interface and Configuration

  • The mgd process might crash after performing the commit check. PR1593192