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Resolved Issues: 21.1R1

Authentication and Access Control

  • Junos OS Evolved versus Junos OS: The strict-authorization configuration option is missing under set system tacplus-options. PR1557052

Class of Service (CoS)

  • PTX10008: scheduler with all queues oversubscribed, maximum latency is different on different queues 21ms ~ 29ms. PR1478811

  • While configuring WRED profile to a scheduler, you can use either of the following: any or any not-any or not-any combination of protocol and loss priority. PR1524259

  • The cosd process might not come up after FPC restart.PR1544531

  • When configuring Class of Service on a Junos OS Evolved system, the cosd process might restart unexpectedly. PR1548014

  • cosd crash might be observed with classifier and rewrite bindings. PR1566161

General Routing

  • LSP statistics CLI is slow in a scaled scenario during installation time. PR1416363

  • Differences in XML tags for show system virtual-memory. PR1438110

  • Differences in XML tags for show system processes. PR1438129

  • On PTX10008 routers, the subsystem within the Packet Forwarding Engine continues to monitor the ASIC for new interrupts even for the ASIC for which all the interfaces are disabled. On an ASIC that has all the interfaces disabled due to a fatal error, all the new interrupts that are reported after the fatal event should be ignored. PR1470391

  • Rate-limiting might not work for J-Flow-sampled traffic on PTX10008. PR1473844

  • PTX10008: No cmerror is raised for certain PIO errors when accessing the Packet Forwarding Engine ASIC. PR1491130

  • The interface might not be added to BD after VLAN change.PR1504374

  • Junos OS Evolved versus Junos OS (serviceability):Resilient hash seed configuration is not supported in Junos OS Evolved Release on PTX10003 or PTX10008. PR1504544

  • Transit v4 traffic forwarding over BGP SR-TE might not work. PR1505592

  • On a Junos OS Evolved platform, the output of aggregated Ethernet (AE) interface statistic does not include its member links' statistics. PR1505596

  • OSPF might flap when the line rate traffic is sent at smaller packet sizes. PR1511563

  • Incorrect warning message for the show chassis fabric errors command. PR1511915

  • Junos OS Evolved (PTX10008): observing reboot delay in software add reboot, rollback reboot commands. PR1525286

  • PTX10001-36MR :: Junos OS Evolved :JDI-RCT:clockd.default anomalies are seen at producer:re0::clockd::50331749 for the type net::juniper::resild::errorItem. PR1527309

  • Host path corruption might be observed after output filters are configured on some Junos OS Evolved devices. PR1528368

  • PTX10008 - FPC reboots if DDoS violations are seen during FPC restart. PR1529847

  • [PTX10001-36MR] When the fabric hub process is restarted with the blackhole detection disable and fabric degrade detection enable configuration, it might result in traffic loss. PR1530484

  • show pfe statistics error should print counters for meaningful errors. PR1530710

  • After FPC restart traffic drop is observed for multicast streams sent to the PTX10008 device from other nodes. PR1531429

  • PTX10008: Need support for show chassis fabric summary output.

  • Traffic loss might happen after performing GRES in the Junos OS Evolved enabled chassis-based systems.PR1532446

  • Interfaces might take longer to come up after loading baseline and rollback configurations. PR1534996

  • SNMP get-next request does not work properly when partial indices are given on PTX Series platforms running Junos OS Evolved. PR1535204

  • PTX10008: Multicast - After FPC restart, both traffic flood and loss are observed toward downstream aggregated Ethernet receiver interfaces. PR1535545

  • CLI issues are observed under the show system and show chassis hierarchies. PR1535880

  • The physical interface does not come up after configuration changes at the peer end. PR1536270

  • The cosd might crash when multiple configuration changes are made in a single commit. PR1536320

  • The show chassis environment command reports ZF-based switch fabric internal temperatures as 0 degrees celsius. PR1536497

  • cosd core file is generated while configuring duplicate code point bits/alias. PR1537289

  • On a PTX10008 running Junos OS Evolved, running PIM Dense Mode (DM) might cause an FPC to restart unexpectedly. PR1537700

  • Next-hop addCollision errors are seen with scaled multicast routes. PR1538849

  • On RE0 CLI node reboot, the rpd process is unable to connect to snmpd and hence we see scheduler slips in rpd and the protocol sessions flap. PR1539705

  • On PTX10001-36MR on ports et-0/1/2 and et-0/2/2, channel 1 does not come up on channelizing 100-Gbps to 2x50-Gbps speed. PR1539795

  • On PTX10001-36MR ping fails on all channels when some ports with 400GbE DAC are channelized to 8x25GbE and 8x50GbE. PR1539859

  • On PTX10001-36MR traffic might not flow through channels 2 and 3 of some ports with 40G optics that are channelizing to 4x10GbE PR1539864

  • Multicast traffic silent packet drop on downstream adjacent node seen for approximately 5-6 seconds as dlu.ucode.inv_start_pc trap after aggregated Ethernet member link deleted or added on PTX10008 node. PR1539912

  • PTX10003: Multicast traffic drops after port is converted from trunk to access for a Layer 2 bridging case. The unicast and broadcast traffic are not affected. PR1540495

  • In PTX10008, for some temperature sensors the threshold temperature to return cooling fans to normal speed is 0 degrees celsius. PR1540576

  • PTX10008: Core file generated when a combination of hop limit and packet length is configured in the filter. PR1540625

  • Installed licenses are getting deleted after an image upgrade. PR1540881

  • PTX10008: Component Upgrade: Software rollback timed out when moving from image based on Junos OS Evolved Release 20.3R1 (mod in some apps) to any other Junos OS Evolved Release. PR1541509

  • DHCP discover packet might be dropped if DHCP inform packet is received first. PR1542400

  • [cos] [scheduler] : PTX10008: Junos OS Evolved CoS: The show interfaces voq ae2 non-zero command does not display the non-zero queue statistics, whereas the other aggregated Ethernet bundle ae1 displays it correctly (both ae1 and ae2 have 4x400G member links each from the same BT chip). PR1543034

  • PTX10008: Junos OS Evolved picd generates a core file in reboot scenarios. PR1543045

  • Any modification made in the middle of an existing firewall filter might lead to all the host-bound traffic getting discarded. PR1544502

  • PTX10001-36MR - IP-IP: Routing Engine initiated tracroute packets are not using IP-IP encapsulation. PR1545049

  • PTX10008:PTX10K-LC1202-36MR: PTX10001-36MR:L2:classifier classifier on aggregated Ethernet interface does not work correctly (cos_l2_cls_combine_mts_004.robot). PR1546150

  • [PTX10008]: For 2x100G QSFP-DD optics, CTLE settings are not getting applied sometimes. PR1546236

  • Backup RE vmcore may be seen due to absence of NH ACK Infra. PR1547164

  • PTX10001-36MR:: show ddos-protection protocols bgp statistics brief throws error communication failure with /re0/evo-aftmand-bt/. PR1547491

  • The drop profile (WRED) feature under class of service might not work on PTX Series Junos OS Evolved platforms. PR1549007

  • With a firewall policer configured, after GRES, the firewalld application might crash. firewalld restores itself after the crash. PR1549856

  • On Junos OS Evolved PTX10001-36MR, PTX10004, or PTX10008 devices, some host-received packets are handled in a different host path queue than the one being assigned due to the host-path queue default setting.PR1551154

  • Traffic drops might be seen after egress FPC restarts and comes back online. PR1551363

  • SNMP MIB jnxOperatingRestartTime output is in string format instead of OCTET string. PR1553533

  • Junos OS Evolved:PTX10008:INDB:Compatible: Offline FPCs with user option no ends after the FPC is brought online after the upgrade with sysman as one of the apps. PR1553667

  • The filter behavior is unchanged after deactivating the filter on the management port. PR1553791

  • jnxFruLastPowerOn value is incorrect for FPCs. PR1553924

  • CoS WRED Curve: Create Expr Curve: No curve data points. Errors are seen when interpolate is configured under drop profile.

  • PTX10008 PFC: This is a display issue. Global Ethernet flow-control must be disabled when PFC CNP is enabled on an interface. PR1554345

  • The output of show interface queue always shows Forwarding classes: 16 supported, 4 in use with customized configuration. PR1554370

  • MACsec session remains down after the CA name is changed to a newer name. PR1555736

  • Cleaning up the unsupported configuration statement set chassis redundancy keepalive-time and failover from Junos OS Evolved software as it is not yet supported in Junos OS Evolved. PR1556600

  • Upgrade or downgrade: Serviceability: In case of upgrade failure, the log files capturing upgrade fail reason do not give meaningful information to user. PR1556807

  • The device might not boot up after performing the cleanup operation. PR1557020

  • The configuration command set routing-instances inst1 l3-interface is not supported on PTX10008. PR1558285

  • PTX10008-Error messages are seen @Error] Jexpr: CoS Scheduler Express Handle: Destructor: Interface Physical Handle is NULL. streamIndex:1147 schedNodeToken:4508 while executing 2000 static SRTE scale in PTX10008. PR1558328

  • [firewall] [filter_installation] : Junos OS Evolved-PTX10003 :: firewalld:Anomolies are seen in firewalld app for Publish publish-deleted.PR1559046

  • The FPC might reboot in a high-scale configuration scenario on Junos OS Evolved PTX10008 platform. PR1560757

  • PTX10008: After sync all followed by rollback and then reboot, RE1 booted on snapshot. PR1562189

  • Complete ingress multicast traffic loss might be seen on interfaces that are flapped using Packet Forwarding Engine offline/online command. PR1562452

  • Interface loopback might not work if there are no optics connected to the port on PTX10008. PR1562471

  • For topologies involving high ingress and transit LSP scale, error messages can be seen in journalctl when tearing down the ingress and transit LSPs. This also leads to slow memory leak. PR1562503

  • FPC is not powered on using request node power-on fpc. PR1562981

  • PTX10001-36MR - In scaled logical interface scenario when an interface connecting the customer with many logical interfaces in the same port is flapped, ARP might not resolve and the traffic might be dropped. PR1563684

  • PTX10008: RE0 went into reboot loop continuously during validate restart (INDB unsupported). PR1563742

  • The issue happens when there are multiple FPCs. Any of the FPCs might have scale configuration. While restarting an FPC (fpc[x]), it syncs configuration from other FPCs in the system. Evo-aftmand on fpc[x] takes a lot of time (depending on the scale) in reconciling the huge number of objects. It can only create the IFD, after it has reconciled the existing objects. The issue is in the infrastructure code, which takes a lot of time in reconciliation of the objects. PR1564156

  • MACsec-Encrypted packets counter displays 0 under Secure Association transmitted of MACsec statistics output when AN rollovers with sak-rekey-interval is configured. PR1566665

  • User folders are not created when snapshot is taken. PR1567880

  • Minor memory leak in ndpd (NDP daemon) when show ipv6 neighbors or clear ipv6 neighbors is executed or on subscribing for '/nd6information' from collector using telemetry. PR1568370

  • The firewalld crash might be seen if GRES is executed as soon as the firewall is activated (for example, commit is done). PR1569427

  • Junos Telemetry Interface: PTX10008 :: NPU Memory KHT DLU IDB value. PR1572704

  • The hash-key label-1-exp CLI configuration statement does not take effect. PR1573109

  • Silent switchover is triggered on restarting routing with the CLI configuration: set system processes routing failover other-routing-engine and set system switchover-on-routing-crash. PR1570993


  • PTX10008 - with graceful-restart enabled (IS-IS or LDP or BGP), packet loss is observed during RE switchover. PR1518609

  • Continuous log messages: ttp_update_with_mark_tlv:390] loss priority not supported yet. PR1536732

  • When the CLI is launched, the system generates a syslog message at the notice level stating cli[<pid>]: 32-bit application cli is not compatible with SI. This message does not indicate a functional problem and can be ignored.. PR1553897

  • [mgd_infra] [mgdtag] : Junos OS Evolved-PTX10003 :: Default multicast ff00::/8 route not available while verifying IPv6 multicast routes.

  • The local port specified in an address-less bind() call is not applied on a TCP socket that issues a connect(). PR1569696

Interfaces and Chassis

  • [Junos OS Evolved Changes]: XML tags mismatch for the command show interfaces diagnostics optics. PR1529316

  • [Junos OS Evolved] [PTX10008] ALB scan-interval configuration not taking effect. PR1538854

  • FTI tunnel commit fails for MTU change on its family (inet, inet6). PR1540431

  • CLI command show interface descriptions does not show Link and admin status of the logical interfaces in routers running affected Junos OS Evolved release. PR1545787

  • The set chassis fpc power on command in PTX10003 is removed as it is not supported. PR1550862

  • Logs not being written in /var/log/messages on certain PTX Series platforms running Junos OS Evolved. PR1551374

  • PTX10001-36MR: Control logical interface might not be present for ports et-0/0/11 and et-0/2/11. PR1566752

  • Junos OS Evolved-PTX10003 :: Junos Telemetry Interface (JTI) optics sensor's alarm data type changed from bool_val to str_val. PR1580113

  • Dynamic and persistent aggregated Ethernet MAC address allocation changes. PR1575131


  • On all Junos OS Evolved platforms, the rpd crash might be observed in a rare scenario when the configuration statement no-propagate-ttl is configured under the apply-groups along with link protection for static LSP. This issue is seen when activating or deactivating the MPLS configuration and might lead to traffic loss. PR1528460

Network Management and Monitoring

  • A memory leak in the mib2d and snmpd processes might result in SNMP being unresponsive to SNMP queries on platforms running the affected Junos OS Evolved image. PR1543508

  • The syslog messages might not be sent with the correct port. PR1545829

  • When SNMP polling from NMS is in progress and the policy prefix configuration associated with SNMP community client-list-name is modified to add or delete a prefix, then snmpd may generate a core file. snmpd comes up fine after the core file is generated and no action is required from the user.PR1548595

  • FTI: IP-in-IP tunneling: SNMP: ifMtu is wrong in snmp mib walk against fti0 interface. PR1549220

  • Core file for trace-relay process is seen. PR1556040

Routing Policy and Firewall Filters

  • [pfe_firewall] [policer] PTX10008 :: A 100 pps traffic is seen if two color policers are applied with a pps limit and burst limit of 1 pps. PR1541194

  • BGP-LU fallback-reject event is not generating error messages.PR1550023

  • Firewall: Use of filter configured without address-family as nested filter causes the configuration commit to fail. PR1552641

  • Junos OS Evolved - changing the interface-specific field of the referenced filter in a single commit is not supported. PR1556982

  • Syslog as an action of filter by default dump logs in syslog in Junos OS Evolved which is different from Junos OS. PR1564088

  • Error while applying the filter as an output-list with DSCP action. PR1569691

Routing Protocols

  • The rpd might crash after reboot when MSDP is configured. PR1536593

User Interface and Configuration

  • The firewall filter for both IPv4 and IPv6 might not work when it is applied through apply-groups. PR1534858

  • The Junos OS Evolved operational state would be incorrect on the system and CoS schedulers configuration change might not take effect. PR1536615

  • File archive source /var/log/* destination /var/log/.tgz is not working in Junos OS Evolved. PR1549340

  • CLI command show system uptime throws error: invalid xml tag (date: invalid date '@#') from command-handler daemon on certain PTX Series platforms running Junos OS Evolved. PR1566166