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  • Install prefixes for RSVP-TE LSPs using PCEP (QFX Series)–Starting in Junos OS Evolved Release 21.1R1, you can configure different prefixes for Path Computation Element (PCE)-initiated and PCE-delegated RSVP-TE LSPs using the Path Computation Element Protocol (PCEP). Prior to this feature, for PCE-initiated LSPs, you could install prefixes as routes through templates and map the templates to the LSPs. For Path Computation Client (PCC)-configured LSPs, although you could install prefixes on the device, this information was not reported to the PCE.

    With this feature, you can install prefixes for external RSVP-TE LSPs through PCEP communication, and enable the PCC to report installed prefixes for all local RSVP-TE LSPs to the PCE . This support provides you better traffic engineering capabilities and allows Junos OS to interoperate with other vendor's PCC or PCE.

    [See Support of the Path Computation Element Protocol for RSVP-TE Overview.]