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Known Limitations

Learn about limitations in this release for the QFX5130-32CD and QFX5220.

For the most complete and latest information about known Junos OS Evolved defects, use the Juniper Networks online Junos Problem Report Search application.


  • When the USB is plugged in, the image is not picked from the USB in the boot-order by default. PR1399311

Routing Protocols

  • When the multicast stream has IRB as receivers with IGMP/MLD snooping enabled in the particular bridge or VLAN, there can be traffic loss for 3 minutes by default up to 5 minutes (based on the GR configuration for MCSNOOPD) when the snooping configuration is removed. The multicast traffic streams recover and flooding for IRB receiver in the VLAN is seen as expected. PR1550523

System Management

  • On the QFX5130-32CD platform, the port status LED remains off for a channelized interface, when one of the channels in the channelized port is down or is disabled. The port LED is lit only when all the channels that are part of the port are up. PR1526532

  • The all statistics in show chassis fpc is missing as in following root@host> show chassis fpc

    Temp CPU Utilization (%) CPU Utilization (%) Memory Utilization (%) Slot State (C) Total Interrupt 1min 5min 15min DRAM (MB) Heap Buffer 0 Online. PR1563506