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Known Limitations

Learn about limitations in this release for the ACX7100-48L.

For the most complete and latest information about known Junos OS Evolved defects, use the Juniper Networks online Junos Problem Report Search application.

General Routing

  • In Junos OS Evolved, packets received at the Routing Engine that are intended for this node but which have a TTL/HLIM of 0 do not result in the generation of an ICMP(6) time exceeded error; these packets are processed as if the TTL/HLIM were non-zero. PR1540106
  • In Junos OS Evolved 21.1R1, BFD is not supported for ACX7100. The error message Invalid RPC request key: 0x000a0000 is seen when BFD is configured and the respective BFD session comes up. PR1552436
  • JR2 doesn't support hot swap. Removing JR2's PCI device or power down main board doesn't trigger any signal to evo-pfemand. The user space application can't detect this fault. PR1554516

  • On ACX7100-48L, the egress IP MTU exception and fragmentation are not supported. PR1558327

  • On ACX7100-48L, enabling or disabling PTP TC causes all the interfaces to flap at once. PR1558603

  • The error message No TTP_TLV_VRF!! ttp type 3 pri 2 proto 2 len 66 queue 0 hint 0x48000 ifidx 13210 nhidx 0 vrfid 65535 is expected from BFD in the following scenarios:

    • When IPv6 packet is received on interface configured with only IPv4 family or vice versa.
    • When uBFD packet with DMAC as 01:00:5E:90:00:01 is received on aggregated Ethernet interface and if uBFD is not configured on that aggregated Ethernet interface. Although the messages appear, the functionality is not affected. PR1558754
  • ACX7100-48L PTP TC feature does not meet class C for 100G and 40G combination. In case of 100G in and 40G out, Max|T4| = 31ns exceeding the 30ns threshold. 2-way time error (TE) and constant time error (cTE) still meets class C. PR1562699

  • ACX7100-48L :: Multicast : IPv6 multicast traffic loss on downstream receiver along with inconsistent forwarding S,G route entry on the ACX7100-48L device. PR1564654

  • Ipv6 transit statistics are not supported on ACX7100-48L. As a workaround, use the firewall filter based counters applied to the interface. PR1564965

  • The targeted broadcast feature is not supported on the ACX7100-48L:


  • When a high scale of routes are dependent on a ECMP group or Unilist, few streams might observe 8-9 seconds traffic drop during ECMP member link flap. PR1573295