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Generating the MAC Address Range for a QFabric System

Each QFabric system requires a range of reserved MAC addresses that is assigned by Juniper Networks. You must specify the MAC address range when you perform the initial setup of the QFX3100 Director group (see Performing the QFabric System Initial Setup on a QFX3100 Director Group). Additionally, refer to Activate Your QFabric System for more information.

When you purchase a QFabric system, you receive an e-mail containing a software serial number from Juniper Networks. You can use the software serial number to generate the MAC address range for your QFabric system.

To generate the MAC address range for a QFabric system:

  1. In a browser, log in to the Juniper Networks License Management System at

    The Manage Product Licenses page appears.


    To access the licensing site, you must have a service contract with Juniper Networks and an access account. If you need help obtaining an account, complete the registration form at the Juniper Networks website .

  2. On the Generate Licenses tab, select QFX Series Product from the drop-down list, and click Go.

    The Generate Licenses - QFX Series Product page appears.

  3. Select the QFX Series Product Fabric option button, and click Continue.

    The Generate Licenses - QFX Series Product Fabrics page appears.

  4. In the Software Serial No field, enter the software serial number for your QFabric system, and press the Tab key.

    The starting MAC address and number of MAC addresses for your QFabric system are displayed.

  5. (Optional) Click Download/Email MAC Address to download or e-mail the MAC address range.

    The Download/Email MAC Address page appears.

    To download the MAC address range:

    • Select the Download to this computer option button, and click OK.

    To e-mail the MAC address range:

    • Select the Send e-mail to e-mail ID option button, and click OK.