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Configuring a Fabric Maintenance Association

On a QFabric system, enabling internal fabric monitoring using the ping and traceroute operations requires that a fabric maintenance association (FMA) be configured in addition to a flow specification. The FMA associates a particular VLAN with a set of source and destination interfaces called fabric maintenance endpoints (FMEPs) that are used for tracing the flow path between the endpoints. Configuration of the VLAN name is mandatory.

Before configuring the FMA, configure a VLAN name (and not a VLAN ID) for the VLAN in which the internal fabric monitoring occurs. If you already configured a VLAN ID instead of a VLAN name, you must first delete the VLAN ID and then specify and VLAN name before you configure the FMA.


Because each FMA and VLAN have a one-to-one correspondence, an FMA in each QFabric system must be given a unique name.

To configure an FMA:

  1. Configure an FMA name that is unique within the QFabric system:
  2. (Optional) Configure the FMA description:
  3. Configure the VLAN name:
  4. Configure an FMEP, including the identifier, name, description, and associated interface:
  5. Repeat Step 4 to configure additional FMEPs.