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Example: Configuring RADIUS Authentication on a QFabric System

RADIUS authentication is a method of authenticating users who are attempting to access a network device. On a QFabric system, users are load balanced on each of the Director devices. Each Director device needs to be able to communicate with the RADIUS server. Packets sent to the RADIUS server originate from the Director device IP addresses.

The following example shows how to configure RADIUS authentication on the QFabric system:

Perform the following steps to configure RADIUS authentication on the QFabric system:

  1. Configure the order in which the authentication methods are used.

    For example:

    In this example, RADIUS authentication is the first authentication method that Junos OS will use when a user logs into the system.

  2. Configure the IP address of the RADIUS server and the secret password. The secret password on the switch must match the secret password on the RADIUS server.

    For example:

  3. Assign the login class and the template account for the user.

    For example:

Here are the results of your configuration: