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Unpacking a QFX3008-I Interconnect Device

After you prepare the installation site as described in Site Preparation Checklist for a QFX3008-I Interconnect Device, you may unpack the device.


The device is maximally protected inside the shipping box. Do not unpack it until you are ready to begin installation.

Before you begin, ensure that you have the following parts and tools available to unpack the QFX3008-I Interconnect Device:

  • Phillips (+) screwdriver, number 2

  • A 5/16-in. open-end or socket wrench to remove the bracket bolts from the shipping pallet

  • A box cutter or packing knife to slice open the tape that seals the top of the box

The device ships in a cardboard box that has a two-layer wooden pallet base with foam cushioning between the layers. The device chassis is bolted to the pallet base. Quick Start installation instructions and a cardboard accessory box are also included in the shipping crate.

To unpack the device:

  1. Move the shipping box to a staging area as close to the installation site as possible. Make sure there is enough space to remove components from the chassis if necessary. While the chassis is bolted to the pallet, you can use a forklift or pallet jack to move it.
  2. Remove the cardboard cover, foam padding, and accessory box.
  3. Unpack the accessory box and lay out the contents so that they are ready for use.
  4. Verify that your order includes all appropriate parts. See Parts Inventory (Packing List) for a QFX3008-I Interconnect Device.
  5. Use a 5/16-in. open-end or socket wrench and a number 2 Phillips screwdriver to remove the four sets of bracket bolts and screws that secure the chassis to the shipping pallet. Store the brackets and bolts inside the accessory box.
  6. Save the shipping box, pallet, and packing materials in case you need to move or ship the device at a later time.