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Powering On a QFX3008-I Interconnect Device

Before you power on the QFX3008-I Interconnect device, ensure that:

Ensure that you have the following parts and tools available to power on the device:

  • An electrostatic discharge (ESD) grounding strap.

To power on the device:

  1. Attach the ESD grounding strap to your bare wrist and connect the strap to the ESD point on the chassis.
  2. Ensure that the power supplies are fully inserted in the chassis.
  3. Ensure that the source power cords are installed correctly for each wiring tray, and the wiring trays are fully inserted in the chassis.
  4. Switch on the site circuit breakers.
  5. Set a wiring tray’s switch to the ON (|) position. Observe the power supply and wiring tray faceplate LEDs. If the wiring trays are installed correctly and functioning normally, the LEDs light green and remain constantly lit.
  6. Repeat Step 5 for the second wiring tray installed in the device.