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Understanding User and Access Management Features on the QFabric System

The QFabric system supports the following user and access management features:

  • User authentication


  • Link Layer Discovery Protocol (LLDP)

  • SSH


  • Access privilege management

The specific functionality, features, options, syntax, and hierarchy levels of some of the user and access management commands and configuration statements implemented on the QFabric system may differ somewhat from the same commands and configuration statements on standard Junos OS. See the configuration statement or command topic in the documentation set for additional information, and use the help (?) command-line function to display specific information as needed.

Some user and access management features are not yet fully supported in the full QFabric architecture, although full support is planned for future releases. The user and access management features currently unsupported on the QFabric system include:

  • Full RADIUS server support, including RADIUS accounting

  • accounting-options configuration statement hierarchy

  • tacplus-options configuration statement