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Understanding Statements and Commands on the QFabric System

Chassis Statements

The following chassis statements enable you to configure various options for your Interconnect devices, Node groups (network and server), and Node devices:

  • interconnect-device

  • node-group

  • node-device

Chassis Commands

The Junos OS CLI contains additions to the existing chassis commands. These additions reflect new options as a result of adding the interconnect-device, node-group, and node-device chassis statements at the [edit chassis] hierarchy level.

The following chassis commands enable you to monitor and configure the QFabric system hardware and software options at various hierarchy levels:

  • clear chassis display message

  • request chassis beacon

  • request chassis cb (QFX3000-G QFabric systems only)

  • request chassis fabric (QFX3000-G QFabric systems only)

  • request chassis fpc

  • request chassis routing-engine master

  • set chassis aggregated-devices

  • set chassis alarm

  • set chassis container-devices

  • set chassis craft-lockout

  • set chassis display

  • set chassis fpc

  • set chassis routing-engine

  • show chassis alarms

  • show chassis beacon

  • show chassis environment

  • show chassis fan (QFX3000-G QFabric systems only)

  • show chassis fabric

  • show chassis firmware

  • show chassis fpc

  • show chassis hardware

  • show chassis lcd

  • show chassis led

  • show chassis location

  • show chassis mac-addresses

  • show chassis nonstop-upgrade

  • show chassis pic

  • show chassis routing-engine

  • show chassis temperature-thresholds

  • show chassis zones