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AC Power Cord Specifications for a QFX3008-I Interconnect Device with Single-Phase Wiring Trays

Most sites distribute power through a main conduit that leads to frame-mounted power distribution panels, one of which can be located at the top of the rack that houses the device. AC power cords connect each wiring tray to the power distribution panel.

Three detachable AC power cords, each 2.5 m (approximately 8 ft) long, are required for each single-phase wiring tray. Depending on your configuration, these power cords are supplied with your device. The coupler end of the appliance cord inserts into one of the three appliance inlets on the faceplate of the single-phase wiring tray. The coupler is type C19 as described by International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) standard 60320. The plug end of the power cord fits into the power source receptacle that is standard for your geographical location.


The QFX3008-I Interconnect device is pluggable type A equipment installed in a restricted-access location. It has a separate protective earthing terminal provided on the chassis in addition to the grounding pin of the power supply cord. This separate protective earthing terminal must be permanently connected to earth.


The AC power cord for the device is intended for use with the device only and not for any other use.


Translation from Japanese: The attached power cable is only for this product. Do not use the cable for another product.


Power cords and cables must not block access to device components or drape where people could trip on them.


In North America, AC power cords must not exceed 4.5 m (approximately 14.75 ft) in length, to comply with National Electrical Code (NEC) Sections 400-8 (NFPA 75, 5-2.2) and 210-52, and Canadian Electrical Code (CEC) Section 4-010(3). The cords supplied with the router are in compliance.

Table 1 provides specifications for the AC power cord provided for each region supported.

Table 1: AC Power Cord Specifications for a Single-Phase Wiring Tray


Electrical Specifications

Plug Standards


250 VAC, 15 A, 50 Hz

AS/NZS 3112 Type SAA/3/15


250 VAC, 16 A, 50 Hz

GB 1002 Type PRC/3/16

Europe (except Italy, Switzerland, and United Kingdom)

250 VAC, 16 A, 50 Hz



250 VAC, 16 A, 50 Hz

CEI 23-16 Type I/3/16


250 VAC, 16 A, 50 Hz

NEMA 6-20 Type N6/20

NEMA L6-20 Type NEMA Locking

125VAC, 15A, 50 Hz

NEMA 5-20 Type N5/20

North America

250 VAC, 16 A, 50 Hz

NEMA 6-20 Type N6/20

NEMA L6-20 Type NEMA Locking

125 VAC, 20 A, 50 Hz

NEMA 5-20 Type N5/20

South Korea

250 VAC, 16 A, 50 Hz



250 VAC, 16 A, 50 Hz

SEV 5934-2 Type 23G

United Kingdom

250 VAC, 13 A, 50 Hz

BS 1363/A Type BS89/13