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Troubleshooting Virtual Routing Instances

Direct Routes Not Leaked Between Routing Instances



Direct routes are not exported (leaked) between virtual routing instances For example, consider the following scenario:

  • Switch with two virtual routing instances:

    • Routing instance 1 connects to downstream device through interface xe-0/0/1.

    • Routing instance 2 connects to upstream device through interface xe-0/0/2.

If you enable route leaking between the routing instances (by using the rib-group statement, for example), the downstream device cannot connect to the upstream device because the switch connects to the upstream device over a direct route and these routes are not leaked between instances.


You can see a route to the upstream device in the routing table of the downstream device, but this route is not functional.

Indirect routes are leaked between routing instances, so the downstream device can connect to any upstream devices that are connected to the switch over indirect routes.


This is expected behavior.