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About This Guide

The Open vSwitch Database (OVSDB) management protocol provides a control plane through which MX Series routers and EX9200 switches in the physical underlay can exchange control and statistical information with VMware NSX controllers in the virtual overlay. Virtual Extensible LAN (VXLAN) provides a data plane through which Layer 2 data packets can be tunneled over a Layer 3 transport network. Use this guide to learn how OVSDB-VXLAN is implemented on MX Series routers and EX9200 switches and to configure, monitor, and troubleshoot OVSDB-VXLAN on these Juniper Networks devices.

You can also use this guide to learn about and configure manual VXLAN, which enables you to manually create VXLANs on MX Series routers instead of using a controller. If you use this approach, you must also configure Protocol Independent Multicast (PIM), which enables two MX Series routers to create VXLAN tunnels between themselves.