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Installing OVSDB on Juniper Networks Devices


The Open vSwitch Database (OVSDB) software is included in the jsdn package. For some Juniper Networks devices, the jsdn package is included in the Junos OS software (jinstall) package. On these Juniper Networks devices, you do not need to install the separate jsdn package, which means that you can skip the task described in this topic. For information about which devices do not require installation of the separate jsdn package, see OVSDB Support on Juniper Networks Devices.

If the jsdn package for your Juniper Networks device is not included in the jinstall package, you must copy a separate jsdn package to the Juniper Networks device and then install the package. The package name uses the following format:



  • packageID identifies the package that must run on each Juniper Networks device.

  • release identifies the release; for example, 16.2. The jsdn package release and the jinstall release running on the device must be the same.

To install the jsdn package on a Juniper Networks device:

  1. Download the software package to the Juniper Networks device.
  2. If an older jsdn package already exists on the Juniper Networks device, remove the package by issuing the request system software delete operational mode command.
  3. Install the new jsdn package by using the request system software add operational mode command.