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Baseboard Management Controller Overview

A Baseboard Management Controller (BMC) is a specialized micro controller, used for remotely managing and recovering NFX350 device.


You cannot access BMC through the Management port or console.

Managing BMC

Using Junos CLI, you can upgrade BMC firmware, check the BMC firmware version, and perform device power cycle.

Perform Power Cycle of the NFX350 Device

You can perform power cycle of the mainboard CPU or device using Junos CLI.


The power-cycle command performs only the power cycle of mainboard CPU. You cannot perform the power cycle of BMC and CPLD by using this command.

To perform a power cycle:

BMC Firmware Upgrade

You can upgrade BMC using Junos CLI.


For BMC upgrade, the image version must be greater than the currently running BMC firmware version.

  • To upgrade BMC after copying the firmware to the device file system:


    The NFX350 device remains operational during the BMC upgrade process.

    For example,

    After the BMC firmware upgrade is completed, BMC reboots automatically.

  • To check the status of BMC firmware upgrade:

After the firmware is successfully loaded, BMC upgrade successful message is displayed.

View BMC Firmware Version

To view the BMC firmware version: