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Supporting File Transfer from USB on NFX Series Devices

Starting from Junos OS Release 21.1R1, you can transfer VNF images, NFX software, or any user scripts from USB to NFX devices by enabling the USB pass-through feature. By default, the USB pass-through feature is disabled.


Built-in LTE functionality does not work after you enable the USB pass-through feature.

To enable USB pass-through to Junos and mount a USB:

  1. Log in to the JCP CLI and enter configuration mode:
  2. Configure the USB pass-through feature:
  3. Restart the device to enable the USB pass-through feature.
  4. Verify whether the USB pass-through feature is enabled:

    USB pass through Information


    Mode: Enabled

  5. Mount a USB device on an NFX device. This is helpful if network connectivity is unavailable and you need to copy files to or from the device.

    It is recommended to use a USB with the FAT32 format.

    Enter the shell prompt as a root user:

  6. Before inserting the USB device, perform the following:
    ls: No match.
  7. Insert the USB drive in the USB port. An output similar to the following is displayed:
    In the sample output, /dev/da0p1 is the USB drive. If the device supports multiple USBs, use the right file that is corresponding to the attached USB. If the console session is not available while inserting the USB, check the messages var log file for logs related to da (for example, show log messages | match da). It logs the same four lines as shown on console if the USB is inserted.
  8. Create a directory for the USB drive to mount to:
  9. Mount the USB drive to the /var/tmp/usb directory:

    ls /var/tmp/usb directory shows all files that are present in the USB drive.

  10. Unmount the USB drive after the file is completely copied: