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Recovering the Root Password for NFX150, NFX250 NextGen, and NFX350 Devices

The root password on your Junos OS-enabled device helps to prevent unauthorized users from making changes to your network.

If you forget the root password, you can use the password recovery procedure to reset the root password.


You need console access to the device to recover the root password.

To recover the root password:

  1. Power off the device by switching off the AC power outlet of the device or, if necessary, by pulling the power cords out of the device’s power supplies.
  2. Turn off the power to the management device, such as a PC or laptop computer, that you want to use to access the CLI.
  3. Plug one end of the Ethernet rollover cable supplied with the device into the RJ-45 to DB-9 serial port adapter supplied with the device.
  4. Plug the RJ-45 to DB-9 serial port adapter into the serial port on the management device.
  5. Connect the other end of the Ethernet rollover cable to the console port on the device.
  6. Turn on the power to the management device.
  7. On the management device, start any asynchronous terminal emulation application (such as Microsoft Windows HyperTerminal), and select the port to be used.
  8. Configure the port settings as follows:
    • Bits per second—9600

    • Data bits—8

    • Parity—None

    • Stop bits—1

    • Flow control—None

  9. Power on the device by plugging the power cords into the device’s power supply (if necessary), or by turning on the power to the device by switching on the AC power outlet that the device is plugged into.

    The terminal emulation screen on your management device displays the device’s boot sequence.

    [This message is truncated...]

  10. When the prompt shows Launching jdm container 'jdm', press Ctrl+C. The Main Menu appears.
  11. From the Main Menu, select 5. [M]ore options. The Options Menu appears.
  12. From the Options Menu, select 2. Recovery mode - [C]LI. The device reboots into CLI recovery mode.

    [This message is truncated...]

  13. Enter configuration mode in the CLI.
  14. Set the root password.
  15. At the first prompt, enter the new root password:
  16. At the second prompt, reenter the new root password.
  17. After you have finished configuring the password, commit the configuration.
  18. Exit configuration mode in the CLI.
  19. Exit operational mode in the CLI.
  20. At the shell prompt, type exit to reboot the device.