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Configuring Analyzer VNF and Port-mirroring

The Port-mirroring feature allows you to monitor network traffic. If the feature is enabled on a VNF interface, the OVS system bridge sends a copy of all network packets of that VNF interface to the analyzer VNF for analysis. You can use the port-mirroring or analyzer commands for analyzing the network traffic.

  • Port-mirroring is supported only on VNF interfaces that are connected to an OVS system bridge.

  • VNF interfaces must be configured before configuring port-mirroring options.

  • If the analyzer VNF is active after you configure, you must restart the VNF for changes to take effect.

  • You can configure up to four input ports and only one output port for an analyzer rule.

  • Output ports must be unique in all analyzer rules.

  • After changing the configuration of the input VNF interfaces, you must de-activate and activate the analyzer rules referencing to it along with the analyzer VNF restart.

To configure the analyzer VNF and enable port-mirroring:

  1. Configure the analyzer VNF:
  2. Enable port-mirroring of the network traffic in the input and output ports of the VNF interface and analyzer VNF: