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Configuring the In-Band Management Interface on NFX250 NextGen Devices

In in-band management, you configure a network interface as a management interface and connect it to the management device. By default. ports ge-1/0/0, ge-1/0/1, and ge-1/0/2 are configured as network interfaces. In addition, you can configure network interfaces from ge-1/0/3 to ge-1/0/9.

To configure in-band management:

  1. Log in to the CLI and enter configuration mode:
  2. Configure VLAN tagging:

To configure a LAN port for in-band management:

  1. Configure the management VLAN:

  2. Configure the physical network interface (ge or xe) as a member of the management VLAN:

    ge interface configuration:

    Where x ranges from 0 to 11.

    xe interface configuration:

    Where x can be 12 or 13.

  3. Configure the service interface as a member of the management VLAN:

    Where x can be 0 or 1.


You can map ge-1/0/x to OVS by using the set vmhost virtualization-options interfaces ge-1/0/x command. After you change the mapping, FPC1 restarts automatically.