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Prerequisites to Onboard Virtual Network Functions on NFX150 Devices

You can onboard and manage Juniper VNFs and third-party VNFs on NFX devices through the Junos Control Plane (JCP).

The number of VNFs that you can onboard on the device depends on the availability of system resources such as the number of CPUs and system memory.

Before you onboard the VNFs, it is recommended to check the available system resources such as CPUs, memory, and storage for VNFs. For more information, see Configuring VNFs on NFX150 Devices.

Prerequisites for VNFs

To instantiate VNFs, the NFX device supports:

  • KVM based hypervisor deployment

  • OVS or Virtio interface drivers

  • raw or qcow2 VNF file types

  • (Optional) SR-IOV

  • (Optional) CD-ROM and USB configuration drives

  • (Optional) Hugepages for memory requirements