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Upgrading the Modem Firmware on NFX Devices Through Over-the-Air (OTA)

Over-the-Air (OTA) firmware upgrade enables automatic and timely upgrade of modem firmware when new firmware versions are available. The OTA upgrade can be enabled or disabled on the LTE module. OTA is disabled by default.


When upgrading the software on the NFX devices, the LTE firmware is also upgraded if the software contains a newer firmware version.

  1. Enable OTA upgrade on the LTE module:

    user@host > request modem wireless fota cl-1/1/0 enable

  2. Initiate the firmware upgrade:

    user@host > request modem wireless upgrade cl-1/1/0

  3. Verify the firmware upgrade status:

    user@host > show modem wireless firmware cl-1/1/0

  4. Check the LTE module connection status:

    user@host > show modem wireless network cl-1/1/0