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Configure One-Way Ethernet Frame Delay Measurements on Switches (CLI Procedure)

Ethernet frame delay measurement is a useful tool for providing performance statistics or supporting or challenging service-level agreements (SLAs). You can configure the frame delay measurements in either a one-way mode or a two-way (round-trip) mode to gather frame delay statistics. For one-way Ethernet frame delay measurement, clocks at the local and remote MEPs need to be synchronized. However, clock synchronization is not required for two-way Ethernet frame delay measurement.

Before you begin configuring one-way Ethernet frame delay measurements on two EX Series switches, ensure that you have:

  • Configured Operation, Administration, and Maintenance (OAM) connectivity fault management (CFM) correctly on both the switches

  • Synchronized the system clocks of both the switches

To configure one-way Ethernet frame delay measurements:

  1. Configure the maintenance domain, maintenance association, and MEP ID on both the switches.
  2. From either switch, start a one-way Ethernet frame delay measurement:

You can view the result on the other switch: