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request debug information



Consolidate debugging information for the component specified. You can issue the command without a component specified

Using this command speeds up the initial information-gathering phase of debugging. The output includes the combined output of multiple member commands.



(Optional) Display debug information for the Mangement process (mgd) workflows.

Additional Information

The following commands are member commands executed by issuing the request debug information mgd command; the output of the request debug information mgd command consolidates the output of these member commands:

  • show version no-forwarding

  • show system uptime no-forwarding

  • show system core-dumps no-forwarding

  • show system storage no-forwarding

  • show system processes extensive no-forwarding

  • show mgd database-mappings

  • show mgd database-mappings include-merge-view

  • show mgd dop-refcount-statistics

  • show mgd daemon-control-table

  • show mgd database-statistics

  • show mgd database-statistics committed

  • show mgd ephemeral-instance-statistics

  • show mgd expanded-configuration

  • show mgd memory-statistics

  • show system configuration database usage

  • file list detail /var/rundb/

  • file list detail /config/

  • show system commit

  • show system commit revision detail


Because the request debug information command executes various CLI commands that do not fit into one particular structure, the request debug information | display xml command will simply emit the output within a single set of output tags.

Required Privilege Level


Sample Output

request debug information mgd

The following sample output gives only a subset of the output the command can display:

Release Information

Command introduced in Junos OS Release 19.4R1 with mgd component.