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Junos Space Support for Network Management

The Juniper Networks Junos Space application, running on a Junos Space Virtual Appliance, is a comprehensive platform for building and deploying applications. This supports for collaboration, productivity, and network infrastructure and operations management. Junos Space provides a runtime environment implemented as a fabric of virtual and physical appliances.

Preparing the Device for Junos Space Management


Ensure that the configuration on the QFX Series device meets the following requirements for device discovery in Junos Space:

  • The device configuration has a static management IP address that is reachable from the Junos Space server.

  • There is a user with full administrative privileges for Junos Space administration.

  • SNMP is enabled (only if you plan on using SNMP as part of the device discovery).

  • In Junos Space, set up a default device management interface (DMI) schema for the QFX Series device.

To prepare the device before using Junos Space:

  1. Perform the initial configuration of the device through the console port using the Junos OS CLI. This task includes the configuration of a static management IP address and a user with root administrative privileges.

    For the QFX3500 switch, see Configuring a QFX3500 Device as a Standalone Switch.

    For the QFabric system, see QFabric System Initial and Default Configuration Information and Performing the QFabric System Initial Setup on a QFX3100 Director Group.

  2. (Optional) Configure SNMP if you plan on using SNMP to probe devices during device discovery.

  3. (Optional) Enable SSH if you wish to use the Secure Console feature in Junos Space.

    See Connecting to a Device by Using Secure Console.

  4. In Junos Space, set up a default DMI schema. For more information about managing DMI schemas, see:

    Setting a Default DMI Schema.