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Delete the Configuration Using NETCONF

In a NETCONF session with a device running Junos OS, the <delete-config> tag element enables you to delete all configuration data in the current candidate configuration or in the open configuration database. Exercise caution when issuing the <delete-config> tag element. If you commit an empty candidate configuration, the device will go offline.

To delete the candidate configuration or all data in the open configuration database, insert the <delete-config> tag element in the <rpc> element. The <target> tag encloses the <candidate/> tag, which can refer to either the candidate configuration or the open configuration database. If a client application issues the Junos XML protocol <open-configuration> operation to open a specific configuration database before executing a <delete-config> operation, Junos OS performs the operation on the open configuration database. Otherwise, the operation is performed on the candidate configuration.


If you take the device offline, you will need to access the device through the console port on the device. From this console, you can access the CLI and perform a rollback to a suitable configuration. For more information about the console port, see the hardware manual for your specific device.