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Encloses all tag elements in a reply from the NETCONF server. The immediate child tag element is usually one of the following:

  • The Junos XML tag element that encloses the data requested by a client application with a Junos XML operational request tag element; for example, the <interface-information> tag element in response to the <get-interface-information> tag element

  • The <data> tag element, to enclose the data requested by a client application with either the <get> or the <get-config> tag element

  • The <ok/> tag, to confirm that the NETCONF server successfully performed an operation that changes the state or contents of a configuration (such as a lock, change, or commit operation)

  • The <output> tag element, if the Junos XML API does not define a specific tag element for requested operational information

  • The <rpc-error> tag element, if the requested operation generated an error or warning



Name the default XML namespace for the enclosed tag elements.