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request system yang disable



Disable the translation scripts associated with the given YANG package.

Translation scripts convert configuration data corresponding to YANG data models into Junos OS syntax and add the translated configuration data as a transient change in the checkout configuration during the commit operation. Translation scripts are enabled by default as soon as you add the scripts and related YANG modules to the device using the appropriate operational command.

Use this command to temporarily disable translation scripts for a package to help troubleshoot translation issues instead of deleting the entire package, which would remove the associated data models from the Junos OS schema as well as remove the package and related files from the device. After you disable translation for a package and commit the configuration, the configuration data associated with the YANG data models in that package can be present in the active configuration, but the configuration has no impact on the functioning of the device.

When translation is disabled, you can still configure and commit the statements and hierarchies in the data models added by that package. However, the device does not commit the corresponding Junos OS configuration statements as transient changes during the commit operation for any statements in the data models added by that package, even for those statements that were committed prior to disabling translation.


When you disable translation for a package, the device retains any transient configuration changes that were committed prior to disabling translation until the next commit operation.


Use the show system yang package package-name command to verify the translation status of a package.



Name of the YANG package for which to disable translation.

Required Privilege Level


Sample Output

request system yang disable

Release Information

Command introduced in Junos OS Release 16.1R1.