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Unsupported Configuration Statements in the Ephemeral Configuration Database

The ephemeral database is an alternate configuration database that enables Juniper Extension Toolkit (JET) applications and NETCONF and Junos XML protocol client applications to simultaneously load and commit configuration changes on Junos devices and with significantly greater throughput than when committing data to the candidate configuration database. To improve commit performance, the ephemeral commit process does not perform all of the operations and validations executed by the standard commit model. As a result, there are some features that cannot be configured through the ephemeral database. For example, the ephemeral configuration database does not support configuring interface alias names or any type of Spanning Tree Protocol (xSTP, where the “x” represents the STP type).

The ephemeral configuration database does not support the following configuration statements. If a client attempts to configure an unsupported statement in an ephemeral instance, the server returns an error during the load operation. The configuration statements are grouped under their top-level configuration statement.


[edit interfaces]

[edit logical-systems]

[edit policy-options]

[edit protocols]

[edit routing-instances]

[edit security]


The ephemeral configuration database does not support configuring the [edit security] hierarchy on SRX Series Services Gateways.

[edit services]

[edit system]