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Verifying That MVRP Is Working Correctly


After configuring your MX Series router or EX Series switch to participate in Multiple VLAN Registration Protocol (MVRP), verify that the configuration is properly set and that MVRP messages are being sent and received on your switch.


  1. Confirm that the router is declaring VLANs.

    Show that MVRP is enabled:

    Show the MVRP applicant state:

  2. Confirm that VLANs are registered on interfaces.

    List VLANs in the registered state:

  3. Display a list of VLANs created dynamically.

    List dynamic VLAN membership:


The output of show mvrp applicant-state shows that trunk interface ge-11/3/0 is declaring (sending out) interest in the VLAN IDs 100, 200, and 300, and MVRP is operating properly.

The output of show mvrp registrant-state shows the registrar state for VLANs 100 and 200 as Registered, indicating that these VLANs are receiving traffic from a customer site. VLAN 300 is in an Empty state and is not receiving traffic from a customer site.

The output of the show mvrp dynamic-vlan-membership shows that VLANs 100 and 200 are created dynamically (here, on an MX Series router operating as an aggregation switch between MX Series routers operating as edge switches). VLANs created statically are marked with an (s) (which is not indicated in this output).