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Multiple VLAN Registration Protocol User Guide

Multiple VLAN Registration Protocol (MVRP) is a Layer 2 application protocol of the Multiple Registration Protocol (MRP) and is defined in the IEEE 802.1ak standard. MVRP manages the addition, deletion, and renaming of active virtual LANs, thereby reducing network administrators’ time spent on these tasks. Use MVRP on Juniper Networks MX Series routers, EX Series switches and SRX Series Firewalls to dynamically register and unregister active VLANs on trunk interfaces. Using MVRP means that you do not have to manually register VLANs on all connections—that is, you do not need to explicitly bind a VLAN to each trunk interface. With MVRP, you configure a VLAN on one interface and the VLAN configuration is distributed through all active interfaces in the domain.

Use this guide to configure, monitor, and troubleshoot MVRP features on your Juniper Network devices.