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Evaluating the Solution to Check Whether the Network Problem Is Resolved



If the problem is solved, you are finished. If the problem remains or a new problem is identified, start the process over again.

You can address possible causes in any order. In relation to the network in Isolating a Broken Network Connection, we chose to work from the local router toward the remote router, but you might start at a different point, particularly if you have reason to believe that the problem is related to a known issue, such as a recent change in configuration.


To evaluate the solution, enter the following Junos OS CLI commands:

Sample Output


The sample output shows that there is now a connection between R6 and R5. The show route command shows that the BGP route to R5 is preferred, as indicated by the asterisk (*). The ping command is successful and the traceroute command shows that the path from R6 to R5 is through R2 (, and then through R1 (