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Modifying the PIM Hello Interval

Routing devices send hello messages at a fixed interval on all PIM-enabled interfaces. By using hello messages, routing devices advertise their existence as PIM routing devices on the subnet. With all PIM-enabled routing devices advertised, a single designated router for the subnet is established.

When a routing device is configured for PIM, it sends a hello message at a 30-second default interval. The interval range is from 0 through 255. When the interval counts down to 0, the routing device sends another hello message, and the timer is reset. A routing device that receives no response from a neighbor in 3.5 times the interval value drops the neighbor. In the case of a 30-second interval, the amount of time a routing device waits for a response is 105 seconds.

If a PIM hello message contains the hold-time option, the neighbor timeout is set to the hold-time sent in the message. If a PIM hello message does not contain the hold-time option, the neighbor timeout is set to the default hello hold time.

To modify how often the routing device sends hello messages out of an interface:

  1. This example shows the configuration for the routing instance. Configure the interface globally or in the routing instance.
  2. Verify the configuration by checking the Hello Option Holdtime field in the output of the show pim neighbors detail command.