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Monitoring IGMP Snooping


Use the monitoring feature to view status and information about the IGMP snooping configuration.


To display details about IGMP snooping, enter the following operational commands:

  • show igmp snooping interface—Display information about interfaces enabled with IGMP snooping, including which interfaces are being snooped in a learning domain and the number of groups on each interface.

  • show igmp snooping membership—Display IGMP snooping membership information, including the multicast group address and the number of active multicast groups.

  • show igmp snooping options—Display brief or detailed information about IGMP snooping.

  • show igmp snooping statistics—Display IGMP snooping statistics, including the number of messages sent and received.

The show igmp snooping interface, show igmp snooping membership, and show igmp snooping statistics commands also support the following options:

  • instance instance-name

  • interface interface-name

  • qualified-vlan vlan-identifier

  • vlan vlan-name


Table 1 summarizes the IGMP snooping details displayed.

Table 1: Summary of IGMP Snooping Output Fields
Field Values

IGMP Snooping Monitor


VLAN for which IGMP snooping is enabled.


Interface connected to a multicast router.


Number of the multicast groups learned by the VLAN.


Multicast router.


Multicast receiver.

IGMP Route Information


VLAN for which IGMP snooping is enabled.


Next hop assigned by the switch after performing the route lookup.


Multicast groups learned by the VLAN.