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Hierarchy Level


Change the default interval (in seconds) at which continuous, persistent IGMP and MLD statistics are stored on devices that support continuous statistics collection.

Junos OS multicast devices collect statistics of received and transmitted IGMP and MLD control packets for active subscribers. Devices that support continuous IGMP and MLD statistics collection also maintain persistent, continuous statistics of IGMP and MLD messages for past and currently active subscribers. The device preserves these continuous statistics across routing daemon restarts, graceful Routing Engine switchovers, ISSU, or line card reboot operations. Junos OS stores continuous statistics in a shared database and copies it to the backup Routing Engine at this configured interval to avoid too much processing overhead on the Routing Engine.

The show igmp statistics and show mld statistics CLI commands display currently active subscriber IGMP or MLD statistics by default, or you can include the continuous option with either of those commands to display the continuous statistics instead.


300 seconds (5 minutes)



Interval in seconds at which you want the device to store collected continuous IGMP and MLD statistics.

  • Range: 60 seconds to 3600 seconds (5 minutes to 1 hour).

Required Privilege Level


Release Information

Statement introduced in Junos OS Release 19.4R1.