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Configuring a PIM Anycast RP Router with MSDP

Add the address statement at the [edit protocols pim rp local] hierarchy level to specify the RP address (the same address as the secondary lo0 interface).

For all interfaces, use the mode statement to set the mode to sparse and the version statement to specify PIM version 2 at the [edit protocols pim rp local interface all] hierarchy level. When configuring all interfaces, exclude the fxp0.0 management interface by adding the disable statement for that interface.

To configure MSDP peering, add the peer statement to configure the address of the MSDP peer at the [edit protocols msdp] hierarchy level. For MSDP peering, use the unique, primary addresses instead of the anycast address. To specify the local address for MSDP peering, add the local-address statement at the [edit protocols msdp peer] hierarchy level.